Vocabulary Level F Unit 7

Created by mrankin 

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Thought most of our players were the equals of theirs, the awesome size of their _____ center filled us with apprehension.


I became desperately tired of listening to him _____ about how important he was, how much money he had, and so forth.


Who can ever forget those pictures showing the _____ faces of the people who had been in concentration camps!


Whenever she serves as chairperson, she is so _____ that she insists on observing every fine point of parliamentary procedure.


I found that beneath his rather _____ manner and appearance there was a warm, sympathetic person.


An official who is responsible for shaping vital national policies should not waste time and energy on such _____ manners.


Even a so-called minor _____ of the traffic laws may lead to a serious accident.


At a time when we need a modest, low-cost housing program, how can we be expected to accept such a(n) _____ scheme?


His work on behalf of the homeless was merely the latest in a long line of _____ undertakings.


Is there any way that we can make _____ for the terrible wrong we have done them?


Fond remembrances of happy days of family life intensified rather than _____ her grief.


They _____ the funeral service by talking loudly during the ceremonies, laughing, and generally showing a complete lack of respect.


Before they arrived home from the party, they _____ an elaborate story that they hoped would excuse their being two hours late.


It is hard to forgive the _____ selfishness with which they took most of the food supplies for their own use.


Our democracy, I believe, is more _____ to decay from within than it is to attack from the outside.


Though she looked rather frail, her _____ spirit made her a tireless crusader for women's rights.


We are, I trust, long past the time when it was considered quite "natural" for newly elected officials to _____ the city treasury.


She has _____ her considerable talents by writing books that are designed to appeal to the lowest tastes.


I'm telling you this not to _____ you for having made a mistake but to prevent the mistake from being repeated.


He went right on with his speech, refusing to be _____ by the heckling of a few loudmouths.

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