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  1. Swords 3
  2. Cups Ace
  3. Discs 9
  4. Swords 4
  5. Wands 2
  1. a The Lord of Dominion
  2. b The Lord of Rest from Strife
  3. c The Lord of Material Gain
  4. d The Root of the Powers of Water
  5. e The Lord of Sorrow

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  1. The Lord of Despair and Cruelty
  2. The Lord of Material Happiness
  3. The Lord of Prudence
  4. The Lord of Victory
  5. The Lord of Valour

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  1. Discs 7The Lord of Success Unfulfilled


  2. Swords 7The Lord of Unstable Effort


  3. Wands 5The Lord of Valour


  4. Discs 6The Lord of Material Trouble


  5. Discs AceThe Root of the Powers of Earth


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