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  1. Immune modifiers
  2. CD4
  3. trichomoniasis
  4. HAART
  5. HIV
  1. a highly active antiretroviral therapy -- multi-drug therapy for HIV
  2. b these may be used as adjunctive therapy, especially in some severe viral diseases such as severe cases of Hepatitis B or C.
  3. c Patients with AIDS need frequent monitoring of viral load and _____ T-cell counts to evaluate effectiveness.
  4. d Which protozoal infection is most commonly transmitted sexually?
  5. e infection with human immunodeficiency virus, a retrovirus. Leads to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome), usually years after infection. Results from the destruction of CD4T cells (helper T lymphocytes)

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  1. clarithromycin is a drug of choice for which bacteria?
  2. antimalarial most commonly used for both acute treatment and prevention
  3. What are the three major categories of medications for AIDS?
  4. What is the preferred management of influenza?
  5. bacteriocidal drugs that act the same as penicillin. Their effectiveness varies with the drug. They are referred to as 1st generation, 2nd generation, etc. and the newer generations are less sensitive to destruction and have better ability to reach the CSF.

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  1. depression and flu-like sxWhat are the SE of interferons?


  2. antacids, iron, and milkindigenous flora of the skin, GI, and vagina that commonly causes infection as a complication of antibacterial therapy or chronic illness in which the patient gets an overgrowth of this normal flora, resulting in candidiasis.


  3. Pentam and Mepronpart of the body's immune response, produced in response to viral infections and other stimuli. Available as several medications all of which have ___________ in the generic name (they have a variety of trade names).


  4. "tinea"antifungals contain the "________" family. Depending on the drug, they may be available PO, IV, and/or topical- including vaginal creme (Monistat, Nizoral, Sporonox, Diflucan, Lotrimin, and others


  5. prophylactic therapy__________ for influenza should be restricte to those at high risk for complications.


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