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  1. loiter
  2. innocuous
  3. ponder
  4. superfluous
  5. thwart
  1. a to consider or think about something in depth
  2. b hang around; stand idly about
  3. c harmless
  4. d To prevent from taking place; frustrate; block
  5. e more than is needed, or required

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  1. book, usually large and academic
  2. broodingly, ill humor, unhappy
  3. abundant
  4. something given voluntarily, tip
  5. very highly ornamented

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  1. keenhaving a sharp edge; intellectually sharp; perceptive


  2. laggarddawdler, loafer, lazy person


  3. divisehumor


  4. ironichumorously sarcastic or mocking


  5. broachthe act of mocking or ridiculing


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