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  1. clandestine
  2. exploit
  3. keen
  4. concur
  5. assent
  1. a having a sharp edge; intellectually sharp; perceptive
  2. b secretive
  3. c use or manipulate to one's advantage
  4. d to agree
  5. e agreement with a statement or proposal to do something

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  1. the act of mocking or ridiculing
  2. dawdler, loafer, lazy person
  3. to consider or think about something in depth
  4. to soothe or pacify
  5. omen

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  1. aliasassumed name


  2. quelllacking strength


  3. diviseto cause to separate and go in different directions


  4. myopicv. to represent; to portray by or as by a picture


  5. coagulateto cause to disappear


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