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  1. 3rd Person Objective
  2. Person vs. Society (Culture)
  3. Falling Action
  4. Fantasy
  5. 2nd Person P.O.V.
  1. a
    the story is just told. the reader doesn't know what the chracters are thinking
  2. b conflict between a character and their society/culture
  3. c events after the climax, leading to the resolution
  4. d A story containing unreal, imaginary features
  5. e a narrator telling the story using "you"

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  1. a narrator telling the story using pronouns like "he, she they"
  2. A character or force in conflict with the main character
  3. main character
  4. the final unraveling or solution of the plot
  5. the stereotyped character in which he is immediately known from typical characters in history

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  1. Person vs. EnvironmentA figure of speech in which an object or animal is given human feelings, thoughts, or attitudes


  2. MoodA story's atmosphere or the feeling it evokes.


  3. AllusionA literary work in which characters, objects, or actions represent abstractions


  4. Expositionintroduction of the characters, setting, and basic situation in a story


  5. Biographystory of a person's life written by another person


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