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_____ was chosen as NECA's first president in 1901.

Charles L. Eidlitz

NECA's chief purpose is to do what?

help enhance the position of it's member company
-power distribution
-VDV- voice data video

NECA has 4 Regional Offices; in what areas of the United States are they located?

Eastern/ Southern/ Midwestern/ Western

What is the purpose of NECA's Executive Institute?

Gives chapter staff executive an opportunity to review service techniques and resolve potential problems.

NECA and the IBEW collectively established the National Labor-Management Cooperation Committee (NLMCC) in ____.


At the local level, NECA chapters act as ___ with their corresponding unions in their NEBF benefit.

multi-employer bargaining agents

The first ____ was a 56 page document printed in 1897.

National Electric Code

CIR decisions are all reached by a(n) ____ vote of all 6b members from ___ and all 6 members from the ____.

unanimous votes/ IBEW/ NECA

Joint cooperation between NECA and the IBEW produced the first National Apprenticeship Standards for the Electrical Construction Industry in____.


Who is responsible for the production of the magazine "The Quality Connection"?

NLMCC- National Labor Management Cooperation Committee

The CIR was founded on the basis of an earlier joint Declaration of Principles, which recognized the mutual interests of the ___, the ___, and the ____.

public/ employer/ employee

The CIR was formed in 1920 to hear cases and render decisions on areas of ____ between labor and____.

disagreement/ managment

The Council is composed of 6 reprensentatives of the _____ and 6 from ____ and meets ____ to hear cases.

IBEW/ NECA/ quarterly

CIR decisions are by ____ vote.


Does your local working agreement have the Council clause?


What is NECA's website address?

What are some characteristics of a qualified contractor?

organized/ qualified workers/ qualified supervisors

Membership in NECA is through local ___ which elect respresentatives called ____.

chapters/ governors

The Board of Governors establishes NECA _____.


A basic tool is estimating is NECA's _____.

manual of labor units

NECA's many programs are provided to contractors through the NECA ______.

field service

How often does NECA's Board of Governors meet?

yearly, before the National Convention

NECA Chapters are grouped into____ districts. District ____ covers outside work only.

10/ line

In what NECA District is your local Chapter?

District 2

In 1946, NECA contractors contributed ____% of gross payroll to the new National Electrical Benefit Fund. In 1977 this was increased to ____%.

1% / 3%

The National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee is composed of ____ NECA members and ____ IBEW members.

12/ 12

What are NECA's 6 major service areas?

labor relations, marketing, management services, technical services, government affairs, community services

Describe the role of a Chapter Manager.

conduct chapter's business and act as a liason between contractors and local union to promote fair and harmonious resolutions

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