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  1. el peligro
  2. dormirse
  3. subir de peso
  4. sentirse muy solo
  5. dormir lo suficiente
  1. a to gain weight
  2. b danger
  3. c to fall asleep
  4. d to feel very lonely
  5. e to get enough sleep

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  1. to be on a diet
  2. to stay in front of the TV
  3. to realize
  4. to take a shower
  5. to stay in shape

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  1. cuidarse el pesoto gain weight


  2. compartir con alguiento share with someone


  3. pesarseto weigh oneself


  4. echarle mucha sal a la comidato stay in front of the TV


  5. la alimentaciĆ³nto eat well


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