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  1. cue
  2. blackout
  3. amphitheater
  4. plot
  5. flyspace
  1. a outside, level stage
  2. b events in a play or story
  3. c the action that tells you to begin
  4. d all of the lights are out
  5. e directly above the acting space; used to lower things in

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  1. cosmetics used on the face or body
  2. wooden frames used to build sets
  3. platform, 3-side seating, intimate, audience next to stage
  4. the whole group of people that make up the play
  5. the main person who oversees the entire play

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  1. playwrightevents in a play or story


  2. pantomimea play without dialogue


  3. ad libadding lines to the script


  4. antagonistthe main character representing good


  5. dialoguethe spoken words on the stage


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