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  1. dress rehearsal
  2. dialogue
  3. pantomime
  4. downstage
  5. director
  1. a a run-through of the play including everything
  2. b the spoken words on the stage
  3. c a play without dialogue
  4. d the main person who oversees the entire play
  5. e movement towards the audience

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  1. the main character representing good
  2. cosmetics used on the face or body
  3. the main person representing evil
  4. a prop easily moved on and off the stage
  5. person vs. person, self, nature, society

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  1. proscenium theaterinside, people sit all around the stage


  2. characterthe real person standing on the stage


  3. tragedya funny or humorous play


  4. 3-act playmany characters; developed more completely; lasts anywhere from 1-3 hours; intermission


  5. wingsthe area to the left or right of the stage


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