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  1. prompter
  2. tragedy
  3. upstage
  4. ad lib
  5. audition
  1. a moving away from the stage
  2. b depressing or sad play; ends on a low note
  3. c to try out for a play
  4. d adding lines to the script
  5. e a machine or person who helps you remember your lines

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  1. the person who writes the play
  2. elegant, curtain, opera pit
  3. the main person who oversees the entire play
  4. making it up on the spot
  5. many characters; developed more completely; lasts anywhere from 1-3 hours; intermission

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  1. plotwooden frames used to build sets


  2. setthe furniture or background that stays


  3. cuethe whole group of people that make up the play


  4. hand propadding lines to the script


  5. actorthe real person standing on the stage


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