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  1. conflicts
  2. strike
  3. cast
  4. ad lib
  5. thrust theater
  1. a when you remove all of the set and scenery after the play
  2. b adding lines to the script
  3. c platform, 3-side seating, intimate, audience next to stage
  4. d person vs. person, self, nature, society
  5. e the whole group of people that make up the play

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  1. a machine or person who helps you remember your lines
  2. the action that tells you to begin
  3. many characters; developed more completely; lasts anywhere from 1-3 hours; intermission
  4. movement towards the audience
  5. the imaginary person on stage

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  1. plotthe furniture or background that stays


  2. round theaterplatform, 3-side seating, intimate, audience next to stage


  3. directorthe main person who oversees the entire play


  4. flyspacedirectly above the acting space; used to lower things in


  5. upstagemoving away from the stage


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