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  1. make-up
  2. comedy
  3. proscenium theater
  4. 1-act play
  5. improvisation
  1. a a funny or humorous play
  2. b elegant, curtain, opera pit
  3. c few, flat characters; one problem or conflict; lasts 30 minutes
  4. d making it up on the spot
  5. e cosmetics used on the face or body

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  1. adding lines to the script
  2. the action that tells you to begin
  3. the person who writes the play
  4. the imaginary person on stage
  5. wooden frames used to build sets

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  1. auditionadding lines to the script


  2. wingsthe area to the left or right of the stage


  3. amphitheaterinside, people sit all around the stage


  4. backstagebehind the area where acting is taking place


  5. protagonistthe main person representing evil


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