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  1. amphitheater
  2. proscenium theater
  3. hand prop
  4. downstage
  5. flats
  1. a outside, level stage
  2. b elegant, curtain, opera pit
  3. c movement towards the audience
  4. d a prop easily moved on and off the stage
  5. e wooden frames used to build sets

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  1. the main person representing evil
  2. all of the lights are out
  3. the person who writes the play
  4. the real person standing on the stage
  5. cosmetics used on the face or body

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  1. directorthe main person who oversees the entire play


  2. thrust theaterinside, people sit all around the stage


  3. auditionadding lines to the script


  4. strikewhen you remove all of the set and scenery after the play


  5. protagonistthe main character representing good


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