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  1. prompter
  2. make-up
  3. playwright
  4. thrust theater
  5. character
  1. a cosmetics used on the face or body
  2. b the imaginary person on stage
  3. c platform, 3-side seating, intimate, audience next to stage
  4. d a machine or person who helps you remember your lines
  5. e the person who writes the play

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  1. making it up on the spot
  2. the area to the left or right of the stage
  3. the real person standing on the stage
  4. the action that tells you to begin
  5. a run-through of the play including everything

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  1. conflictswooden frames used to build sets


  2. flatswooden frames used to build sets


  3. tragedya funny or humorous play


  4. hand propa prop easily moved on and off the stage


  5. ad libadding lines to the script


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