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  1. SGN and vessels
  2. obturator membrane, surrounding bones
  3. greater trochanter (medial surface)
  4. 125
  5. ITB, gluteal tuberosity
  1. a insertion of obturator internus
  2. b insertion of gluteus maximus
  3. c angle of femur neck with shaft: ___ degrees
  4. d contents of GSF than exit above piriformis
  5. e origin of obturator internus

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  1. origin of piriformis
  2. contents of GSF than exit below piriformis
  3. insertion of piriformis
  4. _____ ligament limits hyperextension and lateral rotation - strongest ligament in body
  5. nerve supply of piriformis

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  1. IGNinnervation of gluteus maximus


  2. posterior gluteal lineorigin of gluteus maximus


  3. pudendal, tibialnerve supply of piriformis


  4. nerve to OInerve supply of obturator internus


  5. ischiofemorallimits extension and medial rotation (posteriorly)


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