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  1. Twenty Months
    2nd primary molars
  2. False (Triangular ridge of the distolingual cusp)
  3. Triconodont
  4. True
  5. Axial Surface
  1. a
    True or False: The arrow indicates a facial ridge of the distolingual cusp.
  2. b Cusp classification with three cusps in a straight line
  3. c What is the more generic term for mesial, distal, facial, and lingual surfaces? (posterior teeth have 4 of these)
  4. d
    When is this? What has yet to emerge in the primary dentition at this time?
  5. e True or False: The base of a triangular fossa is a marginal ridge.

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  1. Where would you find a proximal contact area at the junction of the incisal and middle thirds in the maxilla?
  2. What molars erupt at age 6?
  3. Which maxillary teeth have only ONE antagonist in the opposing arch?
  4. Is the mandible or maxilla larger from the distal of one third molar through the middle of each tooth to the opposite side third molar?

  5. Which teeth have little to no curvature?

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  1. 2Most teeth contact how many teeth in the opposing arch?


  2. Clinical CrownPortion of the tooth covered by enamel (doesn't change)


  3. Maxillary Central Incisor, 1.5 monthsWhat is the first primary tooth to have a completed crown? How old is the child?


  4. Letters (A-T)The continuous and dynamic movement of the tooth as it develops from its initial calcification stage until it reaches occlusal contact with a tooth in the opposing arch.


  5. 20Most teeth contact how many teeth in the opposing arch?


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