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  1. Letters (A-T)
  2. Maxillary Central Incisor, 1.5 months
  3. Central Incisor
    Lateral Incisor
    Canine (cuspid)
    First Molar
    Second Molar
  4. Mesial Third
  5. Gingival tissue and interseptal bone accomodation
  1. a From an incisal view, the surface of tooth that is closer to the midline is arbitrarily referred to as what?
  2. b Primary teeth are identified by _________
  3. c Why is the gingival embrasure larger than the incisal embrasure?
  4. d What is the first primary tooth to have a completed crown? How old is the child?
  5. e Name the teeth contained in one quadrant of the primary dentition

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  1. A sac-like structure that contains the developing tooth within the osseous structures of the jaw.
  2. What periodontal fibers connect one tooth to and adjacent tooth across the interproximal space?
  3. From a facial reference point, which maxillary teeth display the smallest deviation from the vertical axis?*
  4. When is root formation complete for primary teeth?

  5. True or False: The arrow indicates a facial ridge of the distolingual cusp.

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  1. Maxillary 3rd molarsWhich maxillary teeth have only ONE antagonist in the opposing arch?


  2. Root CompletionPortion of the tooth covered by enamel (doesn't change)


  3. Osteoblasts
    Orthodontic forces on the periodontal fibers cause the activity of what type of cells?


  4. Oblique fibersWhat is an example of a transverse ridge that is not a pure transverse ridge?


  5. Periodontal ligamentThe place where the mesial of one tooth contacts the distal of the adjacent


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