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Dental Anatomy Exam 1 Test

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  1. 2
  2. Triconodont
  3. Permanent incisors
    Permanent 1st premolars
    Permanent 1st molars
  4. Curved plane of occlusion
  5. Mesiofacial cusp
    Distofacial cusp
    Mesiolingual cusp
  1. a Cusp classification with three cusps in a straight line
  2. b Permits simultaneous functional contacts to occur in controlled areas of the dental arch. Permits maximum use of tooth contacts during function.
  3. c The Trigon primary cusp triangle on a maxillary molar consists of what cusps?
  4. d Calcification of what PERMANENT crowns have completed by age 6?
  5. e Most teeth contact how many teeth in the opposing arch?

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  1. Cusp classification with three cusps in a primary triangle.
  2. Is the height of curvature of the cervical line greater on the mesial or distal side?
  3. Attaches tooth to alveolar bone by insertion into the cementum and bone
  4. From a facial reference point, which maxillary teeth display the smallest deviation from the vertical axis?*
  5. What is the height of contour (or greatest convexity) found on all facial surfaces, and on lingual surfaces of anterior teeth, at the cervical third of the crown?

5 True/False Questions

  1. Premolars
    3rd molar
    Posterior teeth that are absent from primary dentition


  2. Middle ThirdFrom a mesial view, what is the middle portion of the tooth/root anatomy arbitrarily named?


  3. Between central incisors (midline)
    3rd molars
    Posterior teeth that are absent from primary dentition


  4. Proximal, Adjoining Axial surface, then occlusal surface (ex: mesiofacial-occlusal point angle)How do you name a point angle on a posterior tooth?


  5. False (Triangular ridge of a distofacial cusp )Which mandibular teeth have only ONE antagonist in the opposing arch?


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