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  1. Anatomic Crown
  2. Middle Third
  3. 18-20 weeks
  4. 1st Molar
    2nd Molar
  5. Birth
    Mandibular 1st molar
    Mandibular central incisor
  1. a From a mesial view, what is the middle portion of the tooth/root anatomy arbitrarily named?
  2. b Portion of the tooth covered by enamel (doesn't change)
  3. c
    When is this? What crowns are completely calcified?
  4. d When have all primary teeth initiated calcification in utero?
  5. e The developing tooth follicle of permanent premolars is located within the bifurcation or trifurcation of what primary teeth?

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  1. Lingual ridges of anterior canines create what surfaces?
  2. Calcification of what PERMANENT crowns have completed by age 6?
  3. Which maxillary teeth have only ONE antagonist in the opposing arch?
  4. Most teeth contact how many teeth in the opposing arch?
  5. What is the height of contour (or greatest convexity) found on all facial surfaces, and on lingual surfaces of anterior teeth, at the cervical third of the crown?

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  1. A = Young patient
    B = Old patient

    Which patient is older and which is younger?


  2. A= Anatomic Crown (does not change with age)
    B = Clinical Crown (changes with age/different factors affecting gingival tissue)

    (A) Which crown?
    (B) Which crown?


  3. PureTrue or False: The teeth are strategically positioned in the arches at varied and coordinated degrees of inclination.


  4. PrenatalDo males or females exhibit earlier eruption timeframes?


  5. Man = II II IM
    What are the locations of proximal contact areas in the mandible?


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