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  1. Transseptal fibers
  2. Maxillary teeth have a greater height of curvature
  3. Anatomic Crown
  4. Prenatal
  5. Mandibular central incisor
    Maxillary 2nd Molar
  1. a Initial mineralization of the primary dentition is entirely completed when?
  2. b Is the height of curvature at the cervical line different in the maxilla and mandible?
  3. c Portion of the tooth covered by enamel (doesn't change)
  4. d What periodontal fibers connect one tooth to and adjacent tooth across the interproximal space?
  5. e The first primary tooth to erupt in the oral cavity is the _______. The last primary tooth to erupt into the oral cavity is the ________.

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  1. Is the dental follicle of developing permanent anterior teeth positioned facial or lingual to the primary tooth roots?
  2. From a proximal reference point, which mandibular teeth display the smallest deviation from the vertical axis?*
  3. When does the last primary tooth emerge?
  4. From a mesial view, what is the middle portion of the tooth/root anatomy arbitrarily named?
  5. How do you name a point angle on a posterior tooth?

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  1. False (A groove is at the bottom of a sulcus)
    True or False: The arrow indicates a facial ridge of the distolingual cusp.


  2. 3.25 years (39 months)Primary teeth are identified by _________


  3. 1st molar
    Central Incisor
    Lateral Incisor

    When is this? What crowns are completely calcified?


  4. 20# of teeth in the primary dentition


  5. Quadritubercular MolarCusp classification with four cusps in a rectangular or rhomboid form. Seen in humans.


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