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  1. Distal or posterior to the primary molars
  2. Periodontal ligament
  3. Sulcus
  4. Root Completion
  5. 9 years
  1. a A depression or valley (negative anatomy) on the surface of a tooth between two ridges and/or cusps of which the inclines meet at an angle.
  2. b The process of completed calcification of a tooth, whereby the apical foramen has anatomically closed.
  3. c When do the 3rd molars begin calcification?
  4. d Attaches tooth to alveolar bone by insertion into the cementum and bone
  5. e Where are the developing follicles of permanent molars located?

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  1. What are the locations of proximal contact areas in the mandible?
  2. A special ridge to canines that is NOT found on the facial surface. This is the only anterior tooth to have this anatomy.

  3. Is the anterior proximal contact most incisal at the midline or distally?
  4. Cusp classification with four cusps in a rectangular or rhomboid form. Seen in humans.
  5. Which tooth has the greatest mesial curvature at the cervical line?

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  1. Maxillary 3rd molarsWhich maxillary teeth have only ONE antagonist in the opposing arch?


  2. Mesial ThirdIs the height of curvature of the cervical line greater on the mesial or distal side?


  3. Maxillary
    Which maxillary teeth have only ONE antagonist in the opposing arch?


  4. Oblique RidgeWhat is an example of a transverse ridge that is not a pure transverse ridge?


  5. 29 monthsWhen is tooth occlusion evident?


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