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  1. Mesial Third
  2. Tooth Follicle
  3. Letters (A-T)
  4. Lateral Incisor (0 degrees)
  5. 20
  1. a From an incisal view, the surface of tooth that is closer to the midline is arbitrarily referred to as what?
  2. b # of teeth in the primary dentition
  3. c From a facial reference point, which mandibular teeth display the smallest deviation from the vertical axis?*
  4. d Primary teeth are identified by _________
  5. e Center of calcification that contains the developing tooth and odontogenic organ.

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  1. From a facial view, what is the most lateral root portion of an anterior tooth arbitrarily named?
  2. The first primary tooth to erupt in the oral cavity is the _______. The last primary tooth to erupt into the oral cavity is the ________.
  3. From a mesial view, what is the middle portion of the tooth/root anatomy arbitrarily named?
  4. Lingual ridges of anterior canines create what surfaces?
  5. Initial mineralization of the primary dentition is entirely completed when?

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  1. True# of teeth in the primary dentition


  2. MandibularIn primary dentition, do the mandibular or maxillary teeth usually erupt before namesakes in the opposing structure?


  3. Oblique RidgeA special transverse ridge which forms from the union of the triangular ridge of the distofacial cusp and the distal cusp ridge of the mesiolingual cusp.


  4. Distal or posterior to the primary molarsWhere are the developing follicles of permanent molars located?


  5. ExfoliationLoss of a tooth from the oral cavity


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