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  1. Middle third (0.5 mm)
  2. Maxillary Central Incisor, 1.5 months
  3. Mandibular central incisors
  4. Middle Third
  5. Max = IJ JM JM
  1. a Which mandibular teeth have only ONE antagonist in the opposing arch?
  2. b The height of contour of the maxillary posterior teeth on the lingual surface is located where?
  3. c What are the locations of proximal contact areas in the maxilla?
  4. d From a mesial view, what is the middle portion of the tooth/root anatomy arbitrarily named?
  5. e What is the first primary tooth to have a completed crown? How old is the child?

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  1. The height of contour of the maxillary posterior teeth on the facial surface is located where?
  2. Orthodontic forces on the periodontal fibers cause the activity of what type of cells?
  3. What describes the shape of the proximal contact point?
  4. Cusp classification with three cusps in a primary triangle.
  5. What periodontal fibers connect one tooth to and adjacent tooth across the interproximal space?

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  1. Twenty Months
    2nd primary molars

    When is this? What has yet to emerge in the primary dentition at this time?


  2. Apical ThirdFrom a facial view, what is the most lateral root portion of an anterior tooth arbitrarily named?


  3. Clinical CrownPortion of the tooth that is clinically visible (changes with age)


  4. Curved plane of occlusionPermits simultaneous functional contacts to occur in controlled areas of the dental arch. Permits maximum use of tooth contacts during function.


  5. Tooth FollicleCenter of calcification that contains the developing tooth and odontogenic organ.


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