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  1. Es la consejera del colegio. Ella te da consejos sobre los cursos que debes tomar.
  2. pensar(ie)
  3. preferir
  4. Sacaste una mala nota en el curso de espanol?
  5. soler(ue)
  1. a to be in the habit of
  2. b to prefer
  3. c She is the school counselor. She gives you advice about classes that you should take.
  4. d Did you get a bad grade in spanish?
  5. e to think, plan

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  1. What is your opinion on tennis and jai alai?
  2. Yes, the counselor insisted that I take calculus.
  3. Ramon says women are not good at sports.
  4. to wait
  5. to learn

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  1. Que quiere decir discriminacion?Do you like Susana?


  2. tratar deto finish


  3. Te gusta tu horario?Are you angry with Juan?


  4. No me parece que sea justo! Tenemos un examen manana!I don't think it's fair! We have an exam tomorrow.


  5. Sabes que si. Este semestre tengo un horario muy bueno.Yes, the counselor insisted that I take calculus.


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