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  1. pensar(ie)
  2. Quien es la senorita Ferguson?
  3. A mi parecer, no hay igualdad entre estos dos deportes.
  4. ir a
  5. Si, lo suspendi. Tengo que tomar el examen otra vez.
  1. a Yes and I am suspended. I have to take the test again.
  2. b to think, plan
  3. c Who is Ms. Ferguson?
  4. d to go
  5. e I think there is no difference between the two sports.

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  1. Television, magazines, and newspapers will greatly influence.
  2. I can't stand the negative attitude that she has toward my friends.
  3. to put oneself to
  4. to want
  5. That is nonsense! His head is full of (dumb) stereotype.

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  1. aburrirse deto be bored


  2. comenzar ato start


  3. acabar deto try to


  4. No me parece que sea justo! Tenemos un examen manana!No, I failed. I got a 65. I have to study.


  5. soler(ue)to be in the habit of


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