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  1. Te gusta tu horario?
  2. ir a
  3. soler(ue)
  4. dejar de
  5. aprender a
  1. a to go
  2. b to quit, stop
  3. c to be in the habit of
  4. d Do you like your schedule?
  5. e to learn

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  1. to insist
  2. Are you angry with Juan?
  3. to help
  4. When the government of a country does not respect the equality of certain ethnic or social groups.
  5. to think, plan

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  1. sonar conto put oneself to


  2. ensenar ato teach


  3. Ella tiene una actitud negativa hacia mi. No se por que!She has a negative attitude towards me. I don't know why!


  4. comenzar ato teach


  5. ponerse ato put oneself to


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