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  1. Si, lo suspendi. Tengo que tomar el examen otra vez.
  2. querer
  3. Que va! Eso no es cierto! Al contrario, no me cae bien.
  4. Rita, que pasa entre tu y Maria?
  5. esperar
  1. a Yes and I am suspended. I have to take the test again.
  2. b Rita, what happened between you and Maria?
  3. c to want
  4. d That is not true! I don't like her!
  5. e to wait

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  1. Teresa tells me that you are crazy about Sofia.
  2. to think, plan
  3. What is the image of a particular group? (What will affect the image)
  4. to finish
  5. Yes, the counselor insisted that I take calculus.

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  1. deberto must, ought to


  2. ponerse ato be in the habit of


  3. ir ato help


  4. Te gusta tu horario?Are you angry with Juan?


  5. sonar conto dream


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