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  1. No me parece que sea justo! Tenemos un examen manana!
  2. Luis me dijo que tu eras muy negativa.
  3. Te cae bien Susana?
  4. Sabes que si. Este semestre tengo un horario muy bueno.
  5. Como esta dividido el ano escolar?
  1. a Luis told me that you are very negative.
  2. b Do you like Susana?
  3. c How is the school year divided?
  4. d I don't think it's fair! We have an exam tomorrow.
  5. e You know i do. This semester I have a very good schedule.

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  1. to think, plan
  2. Teresa tells me that you are crazy about Sofia.
  3. to must, ought to
  4. What is the image of a particular group? (What will affect the image)
  5. What is your opinion on tennis and jai alai?

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  1. Si, esto es el colmo!to insist


  2. Que tonteria! Su cabeza esta llena de estereotipos tontos.Teresa tells me that you are crazy about Sofia.


  3. ensenar ato teach


  4. Esta dividido en dos semestres.How is the school year divided?


  5. esperarto wait


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