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Chapter 3 Vocabulary and Grammar Test

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  1. dejar de
  2. Luis me dijo que tu eras muy negativa.
  3. Como se forma la imgen de un grupo en particular?
  4. Quien es la senorita Ferguson?
  5. Si, me dijo que yo tenia una impresion equivocada de el.
  1. a Luis told me that you are very negative.
  2. b What is the image of a particular group? (What will affect the image)
  3. c Yes, I had the wrong impression of him.
  4. d to quit, stop
  5. e Who is Ms. Ferguson?

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  1. to want
  2. to be in the habit of
  3. Rita, what happened between you and Maria?
  4. No, I failed. I got a 65. I have to study.
  5. That is not true! I don't like her!

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  1. Sabes que si. Este semestre tengo un horario muy bueno.Yes, the counselor insisted that I take calculus.


  2. Ella tiene una actitud negativa hacia mi. No se por que!I can't stand the negative attitude that she has toward my friends.


  3. preferirto prefer


  4. Sacaste una mala nota en el curso de espanol?Did you get a bad grade in spanish?


  5. Esta dividido en dos semestres.How is the school year divided?


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