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  1. Que va! Eso no es cierto! Al contrario, no me cae bien.
  2. Cuando el gobierno de un pais no respeta la igualdad de cierto grupo social o etnico.
  3. Te enojaste con Juan?
  4. sonar con
  5. Luis me dijo que tu eras muy negativa.
  1. a Are you angry with Juan?
  2. b When the government of a country does not respect the equality of certain ethnic or social groups.
  3. c That is not true! I don't like her!
  4. d to dream
  5. e Luis told me that you are very negative.

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  1. to be bored
  2. to want
  3. to teach
  4. She has a negative attitude towards me. I don't know why!
  5. to go

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  1. Te gusta tu horario?Are you angry with Juan?


  2. No debe juzgarme asi. El no me conoce.He should not be judging. He doesn't know.


  3. comenzar ato learn


  4. Teresa me cuenta que andas loco por Sofia.Teresa tells me that you are crazy about Sofia.


  5. empezar ato start


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