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  1. Te enojaste con Juan?
  2. soler(ue)
  3. Aprobaste el ultimo examen de literatura?
  4. sonar con
  5. Quien es la senorita Ferguson?
  1. a to dream
  2. b Are you angry with Juan?
  3. c to be in the habit of
  4. d Did you pass the literature test?
  5. e Who is Ms. Ferguson?

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  1. Do you like your schedule?
  2. to help
  3. to think, plan
  4. to prefer
  5. Television, magazines, and newspapers will greatly influence.

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  1. Rita, que pasa entre tu y Maria?Do you like your schedule?


  2. Sacaste una mala nota en el curso de espanol?Rita, what happened between you and Maria?


  3. Te cae bien Susana?Are you angry with Juan?


  4. Como se forma la imgen de un grupo en particular?What is the image of a particular group? (What will affect the image)


  5. Cuando el gobierno de un pais no respeta la igualdad de cierto grupo social o etnico.That is nonsense! His head is full of (dumb) stereotype.


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