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  1. inane
  2. alliteration
  3. omnivorous
  4. lucid
  5. transect
  1. a (n) the repitition of a sound at the beginning of two or more neighboring words (as in "wild and woolly" or "a babbling brook")
  2. b (adj) lacking meaning or point; silly.
  3. c (adj) 1. bright with light; luminous; translucent; having the full use of one's reasoning ability, clear minded; clear to the understanding, plain.
  4. d (adj) feeding on both animal and vegetable substances.
  5. e (v) to cut across; to cut transversely.

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  1. 1. (adj) done or occuring after death. 2. (n) autopsy; an analysis or discussion of an event after it is over.
  2. (n) 1. the path of a projectile (rocket, spaceship) or other moving body through space. 2. A chosen or taken course. 3. A style of aspiration.
  3. (adj) 1. impulsive, rash. 2. marked by force of action or movement.
  4. (n) 1. Doubtfulness or uncertainty as regards interpretation. 2. Something of doubtful meaning.
  5. (adj) ready or prompt to help or obey like a servant or slave at the wish or command of another person especially to gain favor.

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  1. curriculum(n) all the courses of study offered by a school.


  2. animosity(n) a feeling of dislike or hatred.


  3. ambivalent(adj) characterized by or exhibiting friendliness or goodwill; friendly.


  4. meticulous(adj) 1. impulsive, rash. 2. marked by force of action or movement.


  5. electoral(adj) low in spirits; sad or depressed.


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