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  1. Amorous
  2. Decorous
  3. Idyllic
  4. Didactic
  5. Histrionic
  1. a naturally peaceful
  2. b overly dramatic
  3. c proper; in good taste
  4. d intended to teach; morally instructive
  5. e feeling loving, especially in a sexual sense

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  1. to examine very carefully
  2. to place side by side
  3. to swell; to extend
  4. lacking harmony or agreement
  5. to attack with words or force

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  1. Deridea wise man; to be wise through experience and reflection


  2. Expediteto speed up the progress of


  3. Sageto attack with words or force


  4. Volatileto attack with words or force


  5. Vacuouslacking ideas or intelligence


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