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  1. Why are plants healthier in hypotonic environments?
  2. What is a concentration gradient?
  3. How is competitive inhibation prevented?
  4. cf
  5. How does facilitated diffusion work?
  1. a d
  2. b The protein receives the molecule and changes shape to launch it out to other side
  3. c The amount a substance can diffuse down to until it reaches equilibrium
  4. d Increasing the number of substrate molecules so theres less of a chance that the inhibitor will get to the active sight first
  5. e Because plants have cell walls which make it harder for the solution to take effect, need more of it

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  1. Lipids, mostly phospholipids
  2. A protein that's part of the fluid mosaic that fit's the shape of a message just like an enzyme fit's the shape of a substrate
  3. A chemical reaction that releases energy, reactants covalent bonds contain more energy than products
  4. The sight where the enzyme and substrate react together, specific because the active sight only fits one substrate
  5. When theres more water on one side of the membrane than the other, then the water molecules on the side with more water bind to the solute molecules in order to equal out the amount of water on both sides, because now there are less free water molecules on the side where there was once more. This creates an equilibrium

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  1. What is a hypertonic solution?A solution whose pH is higher than that of the cells, cell loses water, shrivels


  2. Are inhibitors always harmful?No, enzyme inhibition often used for regulation cell metabolism


  3. What is the plasma membrane?fluid mosaic of phospholipids and proteins


  4. How is a phospholipid structuredWith one phosphate group and two fatty acids, has hydrophilic head and hydrophobic tails


  5. What is energy coupling?The use of energy released from exergonic reactions to fuel necessary endergonic reactions


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