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  1. found alfred kroeber, Salvage Ethnographer
  2. Arlington Woman, Santa Rosa Island 13-11k BP
  3. Excavated Paisley Cave, 14k BP
  4. The Multi Regional Theory
  5. Extraterrestrial Impact 12,900k BP
  6. Excavated Kow Swamp, Australia

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  1. Jon ErlandsonDaisy Cave on San Miguel Island, 12k BP + Boats and spread of AMHSS


  2. Tom DilehayLast free Indian in CA, found by alfred kroeber


  3. John P. HarringtonArlington Woman, Santa Rosa Island 13-11k BP


  4. Yuri MochanovArlington Woman, Santa Rosa Island 13-11k BP


  5. Paul S. MartinPleistocene Overkill Hypothesis


  6. Stringer & GambleExcavated Paisley Cave, 14k BP


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