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  1. C4 Pathway
  2. Electron Transport Chain
  3. Chemiosmosis
  4. Pigment
  5. Carbon Fixation
  1. a Alternative pathway enables certain plants to fix CO2 into four-carbon compounds.
  2. b They transfer electrons from molecule to molecule in a chain.
  3. c The incorporation of CO2 into organic compounds.
  4. d The synthesis of ATP.
  5. e A colored chemical compound that absorbs light, producing color.

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  1. Any of a group of green pigments found in the thylakoids of the Chrloroplasts.
  2. First stage of photosynthesis. Named Because it requires light to happen. Begins with the absorption of light in the Chloroplasts.
  3. The solution that is surrounding the Grana.
  4. Each cluster of pigment molecules and the proteins that the pigments molecules are embedded in.
  5. The biochemical process by which green plants and some bacteria capture light energy and use it to produce chemical bonds. Carbon dioxide and water are consumed while oxygen and simple sugars are produced.

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  1. AutotrophAnimals and other organisms that must get energy from food instead of directly from sunlight or inorganic substances.


  2. ChloroplastOrganelle found in cells of plants and some other organisms that captures the energy from sunlight and converts it into chemical energy.


  3. Calvin CycleA series of Enzyme-assested chemical reactions that produces a three-carbon sugar.


  4. StomataThe solution that is surrounding the Grana.


  5. CAM PathwayAlternative pathway enables certain plants to fix CO2 into four-carbon compounds.


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