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  1. grotesque
  2. rubble
  3. unprecedented
  4. incredibly
  5. unexplainable
  1. a Not done or known before.
  2. b unbelievable or amazing
  3. c gross
  4. d not able to make something clear or easy to understand
  5. e fragments of stone or other material left after the destruction or decay of a building.

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  1. An artifical channel, especially one for carrying off excess water.
  2. A sick injured person, especially someone ill for a long time.
  3. strict observance of accepted rules or forms
  4. rough and poorly made
  5. dark, cloudy or gloomy

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  1. precariousThe scattered remains of something that has been broken or destroyed.


  2. arkstretched tight


  3. incredulousamazed, astonished


  4. unconsciousnot awake


  5. jauntystretched tight


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