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  1. akbar
  2. the color green
  3. the revival of the religious science
  4. circumcision
  5. new year's day
  1. a Muhammad's fav. color (the color of his turban) and is often the color of flags of muslim nations. Also, garments to be worn in paradise are said to be green.
  2. b A book by Al-Ghazali, helped to renew Islam by emphasizing the necessity of religious experience.
  3. c practices vary, but male children are cicumcised from four years old or older
  4. d attempted to establish a new religion based on elements of various religions
  5. e Celebrates the flight (hijra) of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina in 622 C.E. Marks the beginning of Muslim calender.

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  1. (1300-1922) the Turkish-based empire. It captured constantinople in 1453, and for 1500's and 1600's was the world's leading empire
  2. The letters of the consonantal root upon which the word ISLAM and MUSLIM is built. This is the same semitic root upon which the word "peace" (shalom) is built. Its primary meaning for Muslims is "surrender"
  3. When Islam discouraged pictorial art, handwriting became an art, feat. words from the Quran.
  4. ("successor") the leader of the islamic community after muhammad. They were not considered divinely inspired indivduals for muhammad was the last prophet
  5. (Miraj) Celebration of Muhammad's journey (ascension) to heaven from Jerusalem.

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  1. pilgrimagejourney to a sacred place, done as a religious act


  2. muhammad's birthdayCelebrates the flight (hijra) of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina in 622 C.E. Marks the beginning of Muslim calender.


  3. islam("he who stands before") the leader of shiite community, in contrast to the caliph of the sunnis.


  4. zaiditesa shiite movement that follows their own fifth imam. Zayd


  5. thousand and one nightsAlso known as the Arabian Nights. Vast collection of stories about life and fantasy in medieval Islam. (Aladdin and his magic lamp)


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