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  1. kaba
  2. creed / profession of faith (shahadah)
  3. night journey
  4. Muhammad
  5. "right-guided caliphs"
  1. a
    ("cube") a pre-islamic cubed building in mecca believed by muslims to have been built by Abraham. It is the center of the Muslim Pilgrimage
  2. b (570-632) Muslims believe that Muhammad was the last of the prohpets of god, such as abraham, moses, and jesus
  3. c after the death of muhammad, the muslim community was led by four contemporaries of muhammad (Abu bakr, Umar, Uthman and Ali)
  4. d ("bearing witness") The confession that there is only one God, and Muhammad is the Prophet of God. Confessing this makes one a muslim.
  5. e (Miraj) Celebration of Muhammad's journey (ascension) to heaven from Jerusalem.

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  1. practices vary, but male children are cicumcised from four years old or older
  2. ("poor") Derived from the Persian "Darwish." Translation of the Arabic "fakir"
  3. Muhammad's fav. color (the color of his turban) and is often the color of flags of muslim nations. Also, garments to be worn in paradise are said to be green.
  4. used by muslims at prayer. The mat is designed to be pointed in the direction of Mecca
  5. (750-1258) the 500-year Muslim empire that overthrew the umayyads. Its capital was bagdad. Led by descendents of Muhammad`s uncle al-Abbas

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  1. allahu akbar(1058-1111) a leading intellectual who became a sufi convert. He challenged the independence of philosophy emphasizing the need of revelation


  2. Mughal(1526-1857) Muslim empire in India. Persian form of the word "Mongol"


  3. yathribMedina; the city in which Muhammad and his followers went for safety/refuge when they were removed from Mecca. This event is referred to as Hijra (emigration)


  4. crescent and star
    The most recognized symbol of Islam in the modern world, not an official symbol. Borrowed from christian Constantinople by the conquering Ottomans.


  5. zaidites("to go out, leave") Early supporters of Ali, who withdrew their loyalty when Ali agreed to submit his leadership claim to arbitration


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