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  1. dhimmis
  2. fasting (sawm)
  3. Al-Ghazzali
  4. kaba
  5. mullah
  1. a
    ("cube") a pre-islamic cubed building in mecca believed by muslims to have been built by Abraham. It is the center of the Muslim Pilgrimage
  2. b For the entire month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. Few exceptions allowed (i.e. pregnant women). Fast prohibits food, drink, and sexual relations.
  3. c (1058-1111) a leading intellectual who became a sufi convert. He challenged the independence of philosophy emphasizing the need of revelation
  4. d ("protected persons") In Islamic countries, Jews and Christians are permitted to practice their religion as dhimmis, after paying a special tax
  5. e a scholar of one of the schools of laws in the sunni tradition

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  1. chapter (of Quran)
  2. ("successor") the leader of the islamic community after muhammad. They were not considered divinely inspired indivduals for muhammad was the last prophet
  3. ("the Abode of Islam") those lands in which islam is dominant and muslim law prevails
  4. ("The Opening") First Surah of Quran is used as a common prayer by Muslims, being repeated at least seventeen times a day.
  5. in shiite tradition, the hidden imam who will return at the end of the world

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  1. muslim("surrender") the term for the religion of Muslims


  2. yathribMedina; the city in which Muhammad and his followers went for safety/refuge when they were removed from Mecca. This event is referred to as Hijra (emigration)


  3. new year's day(Mawlid) Celebration of Muhammad's Birthday DUHHH


  4. id al-fitr"The Festival of Fast Breaking" or the "Small Feast". 2 or 3 day event marking the end of the month-long fast of Ramadan.


  5. Caliphatethe succession of caliphs, leaders of sunni islam. The instution was terminated by the Turkish Republic in 1922. Attempts to revive was unsuccesful


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