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  1. Nephritis
  2. Cystitis
  3. Cystocele
  4. Glycosuria
  5. Nephrotomy
  1. a inflammation of the bladder
  2. b protrusion of the bladder, usually into the vaginal wall
  3. c cutting into the kidney
  4. d inflammation of the kidney
  5. e presence of glucose in the urine

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  1. degenerative disease of the kidney
  2. severe spasmodic pain caused by presence of kidney stones in the renal system
  3. presence of bile pigments in the urine
  4. presence of acetone in the urine
  5. inflammation of the pelvis of the kidney

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  1. Dysuriapresence of pus in the urine


  2. pyuriapresence of pus in the urine


  3. Diuresishigh levels of urea in the blood


  4. pyelonephritisinflammation of the kidney


  5. Nephrolithiasisthe condition of stones in the kidney


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