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  1. Anuria
  2. Pyelitis
  3. Renal failure
  4. Nocturnal enuresis/eneuresis
  5. Nephrotic syndrome
  1. a suppression of urine secretion from the kidneys-renal failure
  2. b bedwetting at night
  3. c extensive signs and symptoms of kidney disease
  4. d inflammation of the pelvis of the kidney
  5. e the kidneys fail to produce sufficient urine to remove waste substances from the blood

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  1. a simple benign tumour of the bladder lining
  2. protrusion of the urethra, usually into the anterior vaginal wall
  3. presence of pus in the urine
  4. kidney stone
  5. protrusion of the bladder, usually into the vaginal wall

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  1. pyelonephritisbacklog of urine in the pelvis causing pressure and damaging the kidney


  2. Polydipsiapassing large amounts of urine


  3. Ketonuriasuppression of urine secretion from the kidneys-renal failure


  4. Enuresis/eneuresisbedwetting


  5. Dysuriapresence of pus in the urine


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