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  1. Cystalgia
  2. Oliguria
  3. Hydronephrosis
  4. Urethral stricture
  5. Nephrosis
  1. a pain in the bladder
  2. b backlog of urine in the pelvis causing pressure and damaging the kidney
  3. c scanty production of urine
  4. d narrowing of the urethra
  5. e disease of the kidney

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  1. bedwetting
  2. condition of stones in the ureters
  3. inability to control the passing of urine or faeces
  4. stone in the ureter
  5. presence of glucose in the urine

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  1. Papillomaa simple benign tumour of the bladder lining


  2. Nephritisinflammation of the kidney


  3. Cystitisinflammation of the pelvis of the kidney


  4. Nephrotic syndromecutting into the kidney


  5. Glomerulo-nephritisany group of kidney diseases involving the glomeruli


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