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  1. recommander que
  2. il est étonnant que
  3. se fâcher que
  4. les cours du soir
  5. récurer les casseroles
  1. a to scour the pots
  2. b evening classes
  3. c to be angry that/because
  4. d it's surprising that
  5. e to recommend that

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  1. it annoys me that
  2. improve
  3. to deny
  4. spiderweb/cobweb
  5. I'm not sure that

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  1. vouloir queto want that


  2. il n'y a pas de danger quethere is no danger that


  3. avoir honte queto approve of someone's doing something


  4. initiéeto start


  5. faire le ménageto fix up


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