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  1. incredulous
  2. aught
  3. avarice
  4. bereft
  5. whims
  1. a extreme greed for riches
  2. b impulsive or irrational thoughts
  3. c not willing to believe, skeptical
  4. d zero, nothing; anything
  5. e deprive; parted from, abandoned

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  1. a position of employment
  2. seeming to be abundantly wealthy or rich
  3. saving; keeping warm
  4. insincere talk, especially about religion or morals
  5. spacious; roomy; able to hold much

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  1. calicowhite or unbleached cotton with no printed design


  2. palpablecapable of being felt


  3. hoba shelf beside a fire to keep the kettle hot


  4. declensionrehabilitation; conversion from an unsatisfactory state


  5. misanthropicextreme greed for riches


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