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  1. latent
  2. bereft
  3. pillaged
  4. precepts
  5. covetous
  1. a jealously eager to possess something
  2. b deprive; parted from, abandoned
  3. c a guide or rule for morals or action; a guideline
  4. d to rob (a town) of goods, especially during war
  5. e not yet revealed or apparent; potential but not obvious yet

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  1. moved in a sneaky or secretive manner
  2. extreme greed for riches
  3. white or unbleached cotton with no printed design
  4. a poorhouse
  5. poor

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  1. offala thin cereal-like oatmeal


  2. misanthropicshriveled up


  3. palpableto rob (a town) of goods, especially during war


  4. whimsimpulsive or irrational thoughts


  5. suppositiona position of employment


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