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  1. sensible
  2. constitution
  3. complexion
  4. nausea
  5. expire
  1. a the physical character or makeup of a person; laws used to govern
  2. b appearance of skin
  3. c a sick feeling; the need to vomit
  4. d showing good judgment
  5. e to end or run out of time

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  1. to make strong enough
  2. having to do with touch, smell, hearing, tasting and seeing
  3. having to do with the body
  4. the ability to keep going or endure
  5. to remove something by suctioning it out

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  1. sensationa person or things that causes excitement


  2. invalida person unable to function without help


  3. physiologythe study of the functions and vital processes of living things


  4. potentto assume a pose; the way a person holds their body


  5. postureto assume a pose; the way a person holds their body


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