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  1. sensation
  2. nausea
  3. corset
  4. complexion
  5. vigor
  1. a a sick feeling; the need to vomit
  2. b appearance of skin
  3. c strength; physical energy
  4. d a tight-fitting undergarment worn to enhance the way you look
  5. e a person or things that causes excitement

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  1. the ability to keep going or endure
  2. having perception through the senses; hurt or easily offended
  3. the process of breathing
  4. powerful; highly effective
  5. having to do with the body

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  1. fractureto break or crack


  2. postureto sweat


  3. physiologyhaving to do with the body


  4. aspirateto remove something by suctioning it out


  5. inflammationa redness or swelling in reaction to an infection or injury


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