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  1. Tariff
  2. Population Distribution
  3. High growth rate
  4. Population Density
  5. Natural Resources
  1. a can lead to scarcity
  2. b average number of people living in a square mile or kilometer
  3. c tax on imported goods; encourage people to buy from own country, since foreign goods are more expensive
  4. d materials from Earth that people use to fulfill their needs
  5. e people not evenly spread out and they tend to cluster near resources

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  1. demand for resources greater than supply
  2. individuals decide what to produce and how to produce it; based on custom or habit; technology limited
  3. person who flees to another country to escape persecution or disaster
  4. reflect artistic, literary, religious expressions of a culture
  5. an entire way of life/ shared products of human groups

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  1. Culture Regionan entire way of life/ shared products of human groups


  2. Dialectinterdependent people who share a common culture


  3. Developing Countryusually have little industry, much more agriculture and are poorer


  4. Geographersto leave a country and move to another


  5. Renewable Resourcesresources that are limited in supply


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