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  1. Challenges of a Growing Population:
  2. Quota
  3. Decrease in Death rate (reasons why)
  4. Ethnic Group
  5. Culture Region
  1. a more food, water, and sevices needed
  2. b due to better health care, living conditions, food
  3. c an area that includes different countries that share similar cultural traits
  4. d limit on how many items can be imported
  5. e people who share a language, history, religion, and some physical traits

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  1. study how people and physical features are distributed on Earth's surface
  2. helps people tell right feelings, thoughts and behavior from wrong ones
  3. the government makes key decisions
  4. selling goods to other countries
  5. # of deaths per 1000 people

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  1. Belief Systemstories/myths whose interpretation gives an idea how people should feel, think, and/or behave


  2. Globalizationplants and animals begin to depend onn humans for survival


  3. Demosticationplants and animals begin to depend onn humans for survival


  4. Bartering# of births per 1000 people


  5. Scarcityinterdependent people who share a common culture


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