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  1. radiant
  2. ultimate
  3. docile
  4. grimy
  5. uncertainty
  1. a easily taught, led, or managed; obedient
  2. b doubt, the state of being unsure
  3. c last, final; most important or extreme; eventual
  4. d shining, bright; giving forth light or energy
  5. e very dirty, covered with dirt or soot

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  1. liable to change very rapidly, inconsistent
  2. one who flees or runs away; fleeting, wandering
  3. capable of being wrong, mistaken, or inaccurate
  4. relating to farm areas and life in the country
  5. to interfere with; to meddle with

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  1. potentiallarge, important; major, significant


  2. consolidateto combine; unite


  3. substantialpossible, something that can develop


  4. iotaa very small part or quantity


  5. maulto beat or knock about, to mangle; a heavy hammer


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