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  1. consolidate
  2. docile
  3. uncertainty
  4. counterfeit
  5. grimy
  1. a doubt, the state of being unsure
  2. b very dirty, covered with dirt or soot
  3. c easily taught, led, or managed; obedient
  4. d an imitation designed to deceive; not genuine, fake; to make an illegal copy
  5. e to combine; unite

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  1. possible, something that can develop
  2. liable to change very rapidly, inconsistent
  3. large, important; major, significant
  4. capable of being wrong, mistaken, or inaccurate
  5. a short account of an incident in someone's life

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  1. dominateto rule over by strength or power, control; to tower over


  2. ultimatelast, final; most important or extreme; eventual


  3. entreatlast, final; most important or extreme; eventual


  4. radiantshining, bright; giving forth light or energy


  5. ruralrelating to farm areas and life in the country


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