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combination of physical, mental/emotional & social well-being

Physical health

involves the condition of your body

Mental health

your ability to solve problems & handle

Emotional health

involves fellings such as sadness, happiness & anger

Social health

Involves how you relate to people at home, at school & everywhere else in the world


A state of well being or balances health over a longer period of time

Wellness scale

A tool used to measure a person's quality of life

Quality of life

A degree to which a person lives life to the fullest

10 factors that Affect Health

Heredity, Enviornment, Relationships, Behaviors, Decision Making, Health-Care, Random Events, resistance Skills, Risk taking, resiliency


Something of worth

Inactive Decision Making

A habit , in which a person fails to make choices and this failure determines the outcome

Reactive Decision Making

A habit, in which a person allows other people to make his or her decisions

Proactive Decision Making

A habit in which a person describes a situation that requires a decision, identifies and evaluates possible decisions and makes a decision understanding all of the consequences and possible outcomes

The Decision Making Model

The six step process that can be used to help people make good & responsible decisions

Making the Wrong decision

Take responsibility, change your actions, talk to a parent/adult and try to replace or make-up for any harm done to others

Positive peer pressure

being influenced or influencing someone else to behave responsibly

Negative peer pressure

being influenced or influencing someone else to behave irresponsibly

Resistance Refusal Skills

saying NO with confidence

General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS)

a series of body changes that occur in the body when stress occurs

Fight or Flight Syndrome

Stage 1 of the body's response to stress

Stress Managment Skills

Making good decisions,exercising,talking with parents and friends,and good time managment


Positive stress and very often involves a healthful response to a stressor


Negitive stress and very often involves a harmful respone to a stressor


the feeling of being irritated


a message that gives two differnt meanings

Active Listening

a way of responding to show that a person hears and understand what is being said


the response of the body to the demands of daily living


a message that expresses feelings without blaming or shaming someone else


a statement that blames or shames another person

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