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Government Alive Ch 7 Test

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  1. Laws that enforced segregation and denied legal equality to African Americans.
  2. Land mark legislation passed in 1964 that banned discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, or national origin
  3. An economic system that calls for public ownership of the means of production.
  4. A person who has come to the United States to live and work without the required legal papers.
  5. An ideology based on a strong belief in personal freedom and a minimal role for government.

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  1. resident alienAn immigrant who has legal status in the United States; a lawful permanent resident.


  2. ideologyA basic set of political beliefs about the roles of government and the individual in society.


  3. environmentalismAn ideology favoring an active role for government in efforts to solve society's problems.


  4. green cardAn ideology at the middle of the political spectrum that combines elements of both liberal and conservative thought


  5. naturalizationA legal process through which a person not granted citizenship by birth can become a citizen of a country. A naturalized citizen enjoys most or all of the rights of native-born citizens.


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