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  1. A basic set of political beliefs about the roles of government and the individual in society.
  2. An ideology that emphasizes conservations and protection of the environment
  3. An identification card issued to immigrants who are legal residents of the United States.
  4. An ideology based on a strong belief in personal freedom and a minimal role for government.
  5. An ideology favoring a limited role for government and more private initiative by nongovernmental groups in efforts to solve society's problems.

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  1. Jim Crow LawsLaws that enforced segregation and denied legal equality to African Americans.


  2. resident alienAn immigrant who has legal status in the United States; a lawful permanent resident.


  3. Civil Rights ActAssociations and other voluntary groups that form middle layer in society between government and individual families. It includes groups that people join because of family, faith, interests, or ideology.


  4. liberalismAn ideology favoring an active role for government in efforts to solve society's problems.


  5. political cultureA society's framework of shared values, beliefs, and attitudes concerning politics and government.


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