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  1. How did the Great Awakening force colonists to become more tolerant of one another?
  2. Among all the colonists, who were the most concerned about education?
  3. Who are indentured servants?
  4. What types of work did African Americans do in South Carolina port towns?
  5. in 1642, the Massachusetts assembly passed a law ordering parents to teach children "to read and understand the principles of their religion." What did towns of 50 or 100 children have to do? ***
  1. a indentured servanss sighned contracts to work without wages for a period of four to seven years for anyoen who would pay their ocean passage to the Americas.
  2. b they had to hire a school teacher.
  3. c the new englanders.
  4. d the preaches and people at the church tuaght them.
  5. e They worked at the

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  1. he preched about the sweetness and beuty of god.
  2. they tauht people the duty to study the bible.
  3. the great awakening.
  4. it increased.
  5. yes a class system exsisited.

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  1. What types of work did women do in the colonies? In the back country? In the cities?they took care of their husbands household and families. they worked on the feilds. they worked outside the houses.


  2. On rice plantations in South Carolina, slaves saw few white colonists. How did that affect African customs?it didn't becuase they where eslaved so they didnt


  3. What was the name of the preacher, who helped to set off the Great Awakening?
    Jonathan edwards.


  4. Did African customs survive in Virginia and Maryland? Explain.yes a class system exsisited.


  5. What happened at the end of the indentured servant's term of service?they recieved freedoms ddues.


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