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  1. 1. Glucose→ 2 pyruvate or 2 lactate
    2. ADP→ 2 ATP
  2. most important energy
    -productof both aerobic and anaerobic energy
    -3 phosphate molecules
    -produced from ADP +Pi+H
  3. -all systems work at same time to produce ATP, some take more time to generate ATP
    -more intense activity, short duration- anaerobic energy sources
    -less intense/ long duration makes use of aerobic energy sources
    -no one sourse wrkjs at one time, gradual transition from one to another
  4. Yields energy
  5. stored in muscles, is added to ADP when ATP is broken down, is used to regain energy.
    -Has a life of about 20-30 sec. but is regenerated in about 3 minutes.

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  1. endergonicYields energy


  2. How long should a V02 test last?8-12 minutes


  3. Buffering Capacity Adaptations-aerobic production of ATP is called oxiditave phosphorylation
    - occurs inside the mitochondria


  4. Intramuscular glycogen adaptations to exercise-Increases in Intramuscular Glycogen affect glycolic and aerobic production of ATP
    -Endurance training increases IM glycogen
    -Weight & sprint activities: increases & no change in glycogen
    -Factors affecting IM glycogen in weight & sprint activities:
    o Length of training program
    o Type of training


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