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  1. needs energy
  2. -Increases in Intramuscular Glycogen affect glycolic and aerobic production of ATP
    -Endurance training increases IM glycogen
    -Weight & sprint activities: increases & no change in glycogen
    -Factors affecting IM glycogen in weight & sprint activities:
    o Length of training program
    o Type of training
  3. 8-12 minutes
  4. Yields energy
  5. -characteristics
    -energy source for activities requiring much energy per second
    -examples: sprinting, lifting a heavy weight
    -can only provide energy for a
    short time

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  1. Glycolysisneeds energy


  2. Creatine kinaseneeds energy


  3. Adenosine Triphosphatemost important energy
    -productof both aerobic and anaerobic energy
    -3 phosphate molecules
    -produced from ADP +Pi+H


  4. Interaction of subtratesstored in muscles, is added to ADP when ATP is broken down, is used to regain energy.
    -Has a life of about 20-30 sec. but is regenerated in about 3 minutes.


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