Psychological Research

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Scientific Method

1. identifying questions
2.Formulating an explanation
3. Conduct research
4. Communicate findings


Broad explanations and predictions concerning phenomena of interests
-A theory explains behaviors or events by offering ideas that organize what we have observed


A predictions stemming from a theory, stated in a way that allows it to be tested

Operational Definition

The translation of a hypothesis into a specific, testable procedure that can be measured and observed
-Reduce bias in our observations
-Allow others to replicate our study

Descriptive Research

An approach to research designed to systematically investigate and describe a person, group or patterns of behavior

Archival Research

-Use of existing data in order to test a hypothesis
-ex. historical accounts
-newspaper records

Naturalistic Research

-Observation of naturally occurring behavior without intervention
-The researcher simply records what occurs, making no modification in the situation that is being observed

Survey Research

-A sample of people is asked a series of questions about their behavior, thoughts, and attitudes in order to represent a large population

Case Study

-An in depth intensive investigation of an individual or small group of people
-They suggest directions for further study and show us what "can" happen

Correlational research

-The relationship between two sets of variables is examined to determine whether they are associated or "correlated"


Behaviors, events, or other characteristics that can change or vary in some way
-Computed statistics will give a correlation coefficient that ranges from +1 to -1


+ is when the value of one variable increases, we can predict that the value of the other will also increase
- is when the value of one variable increases, the value of the other decreases

Experimental Research


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