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  1. infertility
  2. hemorrhagic cyst
  3. BC pill
  4. follicular cyst
  5. stage 2-4 tumor
  1. a decreased risk factor
  2. b rupture = sharp pain. resolves with BC pills
  3. c tx: surgery (debulk)
  4. d increased risk factor
  5. e functional cyst. may have abdominal pain

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  1. tx: surgery
  2. causes necrosis
  3. decreased risk factor
  4. contains fat, bone, cartilage, hair
  5. tx: total abd hysterectomy, bilater salpingo-oophorectomy

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  1. corpus luteum cystrupture = sharp pain. resolves with BC pills


  2. dermoid cystfunctional cyst. may have abdominal pain


  3. follicular cystsimple cyst, forms during ovulation


  4. late child bearingincreased risk factor


  5. corpus luteum cystno pain involved


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