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  1. deficiency disorders
  2. perferated
  3. health
  4. natural passive
  5. heat
  1. a can only be transferred from mother to child
  2. b penetrating wound which extends into a bodily cavity
  3. c due to increased circulation & increased chemical reactions
  4. d example of this disorder is scurvy, osteoporosis, beri-beri
  5. e there is a delicate balance between __ and disease.

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  1. a pathologist studies tissue change at the __ level.
  2. one that communicates directly with the atmosphere
  3. things you can see (ex bruising, edema)
  4. fluid entering the tissues
  5. healing occurs in wound with minimal tissue loss. Edges are approximated(close together), you don't have as much scaring or infections (ex surgical insisions, sutured wounds)

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  1. traumatic injuriesnew tisue formation in the repair of the wound


  2. cellulitisdiffused inflammatory process within solid tissues (soft tissue is destroyed)


  3. moderateexcessive fluid in body


  4. deficiency disordersexample of this disorder is herpes, AIDS, syphilis, heart disease


  5. structural__ changes are present in organic disease


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