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  1. neoplastic disease
  2. WBC's, skin barriers, gastric secretions
  3. disease
  4. heredity disorders
  5. skin, nose, mouth, respiratory system, gi tract
  1. a in order to provide appropriate nursing care, the nurse needs a basic understanding of, cause of, & body's response to __.
  2. b external defenses include:
  3. c transmitted by genes; passed from one generation to the next
  4. d natural or inborne resistance against disease includes:
  5. e new growth of abnormal tissue; tumors

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  1. body's attempt to heal itself
  2. the service that assists in preventing & giving relief to disease, anxiety, & pain.
  3. new tisue formation in the repair of the wound
  4. clears soon, able to function; not life threatening.
  5. their races and/or families who are more resistant to diseases more than other people

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  1. traumatic injuriescells, phagocites that engulfs/ destroys bacteria & other foreign particles


  2. perferatedvery ill with chance for recovery


  3. eviscerationlocal response to cellular injury that is marked by capillary dilatation, redness, heat, & pain


  4. diseaseincludes old accidental wounds; infected wounds, puss or peralent drainage are evident


  5. dehiscencerupture or splitting open, as of a surgical wound, or of an organ or structure to discharge its contents.


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