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  1. localized infection
  2. abrasion
  3. puncture
  4. organic & functional
  5. infectious disease
  1. a penatrating wound
  2. b swelling signs may be limited to affected area
  3. c invasion of microorganisms (largest class)
  4. d disease may be classified as:
  5. e open wound that results from friction. (ex. fall down, scrape knee on road; pulling someone up & drag them on sheet...causes friction)

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  1. scar tissue. due to excessive colagen formation
  2. chemicals released by defensive cells; pressure on nerve endings
  3. antigens are administered to the person to stimulate antibody production; from attenuated pathogens (in lab)/ can last lifetime with boosters.
  4. to remove an organ or contents of an organ
  5. occurs when there is a delay in time between injury & the closure of the wound. (ex. wound left temporarily open to allow drainage or to remove infectious material. occurs after surgery, when wound is closed later

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  1. chronica __ disease has a slow progression of symptoms


  2. inflammationlocal response to cellular injury that is marked by capillary dilatation, redness, heat, & pain


  3. cellulara pathologist studies tissue change at the __ level.


  4. acute, sub acute, chroniccan last weeks or months


  5. laceratedwhen tissue is torn


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