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  1. phagocytosis
  2. oral cavity
  3. cellular, antigens, lymphatic system
  4. pus
  5. pathologist
  1. a one who studies pathology
  2. b engulfing and usually the destruction of a particular matter by phagocytes
  3. c due to dead leukocytes, bacteria, & decaying tissue
  4. d sheds mucosa epithelium to rid off colinizers
  5. e 3 internal defenses:

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  1. external defenses include:
  2. swelling signs may be limited to affected area
  3. wounds of respiratory, GI, or urinary tract; show no evidence of infection
  4. to form or discharge pus
  5. example of the classification is a car accident

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  1. immunizationcondition of being immune; security of a particular disease


  2. organic & functionalcaused by environment or job.


  3. rejection syndromeexamples of this disease is AIDS, STDS, Staph, Strep, Flu, Hepatitis


  4. redness, swelling, pain, heat, loss of function, pus5 symptoms when an injury or infection occurs:


  5. aseptic techniqueusing methods to protect against infection by pathogenic micro organisms


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