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  1. mild, moderate, severe
  2. redness, swelling, pain, heat, loss of function, pus
  3. pus
  4. debridement
  5. artificial passive
  1. a is another word for purulent exudates
  2. b 3 categories of seriousness of disease:
  3. c removal of necratic(dead) tissue from an area
  4. d given when virus is already acquired; weakened or dead antibodies; short term (flu shot)
  5. e 5 symptoms when an injury or infection occurs:

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  1. specialist of internal medicine with disease inside the body
  2. body must be stimulated to produce its own immune response
  3. physicians who treats all members of a family
  4. identification of illness
  5. to remove an organ or contents of an organ

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  1. laceratedwhen tissue is torn


  2. differentevery individual reacts __ to any one cause of disease.


  3. pusdryness of the __ is a deterrent to bacteria


  4. cultural resistancetheir races and/or families who are more resistant to diseases more than other people


  5. heredity disorderslack of nutrition


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