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  1. traumatic injuries
  2. scar tissue
  3. 1st, 2nd, 3rd
  4. WBC's
  5. resident bacteria
  1. a wound healing differs according to the amount of tissue damage; occurs by _____ intentions.
  2. b phagocytosis is engulfing of bacteria by __.
  3. c uses up nourishment & end products of their metabolism inhibits other bacteria
  4. d physical injury or mental suffering; occurs out of the ordinary
  5. e wound is healing

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  1. due to dead leukocytes, bacteria, & decaying tissue
  2. sudden; course of a few days
  3. 4 wound classifications
  4. swelling signs may be limited to affected area
  5. antigens are administered to the person to stimulate antibody production; from attenuated pathogens (in lab)/ can last lifetime with boosters.

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  1. cleanpoison/ protein or conjugated protein produced by certain pathogens


  2. individual immunityindividuals that are very resistant, others are suseptible


  3. structuralpenatrating wound


  4. diseasein order to provide appropriate nursing care, the nurse needs a basic understanding of, cause of, & body's response to __.


  5. diseasevery ill with chance for recovery


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