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  1. skin
  2. lacerated
  3. general practitioner
  4. objective symptoms
  5. lymphatic system
  1. a physicians who treats all members of a family
  2. b when tissue is torn
  3. c prevents microbes fro entering body, keeps body from losing water, receives stimuli from environment, helps prevent injury to fragile organs within the body
  4. d things you can see (ex bruising, edema)
  5. e cells, phagocites that engulfs/ destroys bacteria & other foreign particles

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  1. body must be stimulated to produce its own immune response
  2. containing, consisting of, or being pus
  3. lack of nutrition
  4. there is no observable structural change but the functional ability is altered.
  5. what pt tell you (also: nurses input)

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  1. cellulara pathologist studies tissue change at the __ level.


  2. severediseases do not spread from plants to man or man to plants; most disease found in lower animals(dogs/cats) are not able to spread to man, or man to animals.


  3. diseasefailure of homeostasis; failure of the individual's body to respond appropriately to the challenge of disease.


  4. skinpoison/ protein or conjugated protein produced by certain pathogens


  5. suppurationto form or discharge pus


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