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  1. diagnosis
  2. redness, swelling, pain, heat, loss of function, pus
  3. pathologist
  4. eventration
  5. abscess
  1. a 5 symptoms when an injury or infection occurs:
  2. b localized collection of pus in a cavity
  3. c protrusion of bowel through abdomen
  4. d one who studies pathology
  5. e to make a __ is to identify or recoginize a disease.

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  1. transmitted by genes; passed from one generation to the next
  2. disturbance of glandular secretions or regulation of body processes
  3. fluid entering the tissues
  4. stimulates the production of antibodies
  5. removes and destroys bacteria from blood; detoxifies harmful chemicals, 1% or less is allowed back in blood(bacteria)

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  1. dirtyclears soon, able to function; not life threatening.


  2. laceratedwhen tissue is torn


  3. 3rd intentionoccurs when there is a delay in time between injury & the closure of the wound. (ex. wound left temporarily open to allow drainage or to remove infectious material. occurs after surgery, when wound is closed later


  4. anaphalaxisnew tisue formation in the repair of the wound


  5. traumatic injuriesphysical injury or mental suffering; occurs out of the ordinary


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