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  1. disease
  2. cellulitis
  3. pus
  4. normal secretions
  5. rejection syndrome
  1. a failure of homeostasis; failure of the individual's body to respond appropriately to the challenge of disease.
  2. b yellowish white fluid matter formed by suppuration & composed of exudate containing white blood cells, tissue debris, & microorganisms
  3. c this makes skin slightly acidic
  4. d diffused inflammatory process within solid tissues (soft tissue is destroyed)
  5. e immune reaction to foreign tissues (organ transplants)

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  1. localized death of living tissue
  2. substance, protein, or nonprotein capable of inducing allergies
  3. disease producing organism
  4. using methods to protect against infection by pathogenic micro organisms
  5. one who studies pathology

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  1. speciesdiseases do not spread from plants to man or man to plants; most disease found in lower animals(dogs/cats) are not able to spread to man, or man to animals.


  2. eventrationto form or discharge pus


  3. objective symptomsthings you can see (ex bruising, edema)


  4. antigendisease producing organism


  5. acutepreparation of killed microorganisms to produce or artificially increase immunity to a particular disease


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