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  1. crushed
  2. mild, moderate, severe
  3. heat
  4. 2nd intention
  5. eventration
  1. a 3 categories of seriousness of disease:
  2. b healing occurs with tissue loss, such as deep lacerations, burns, pressure ulcers; edges do not approximate. opening fills in with granulation tissue that is soft & pinkish. scarring may occur, higher rate of infection
  3. c due to increased circulation & increased chemical reactions
  4. d squeezed between two objects
  5. e protrusion of bowel through abdomen

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  1. the service that assists in preventing & giving relief to disease, anxiety, & pain.
  2. individuals that are very resistant, others are suseptible
  3. particular kind of antibody produce in response to the presence of a toxin
  4. this makes skin slightly acidic
  5. due to dead leukocytes, bacteria, & decaying tissue

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  1. chronica __ disease has a slow progression of symptoms


  2. secondary diseaseexample of this disease is cancer, benigh or malignant(non moving)


  3. cellularremoves and destroys bacteria from blood; detoxifies harmful chemicals, 1% or less is allowed back in blood(bacteria)


  4. dehiscencea deviation from normal in the structure and function or both of some body part.


  5. cultural resistancetheir races and/or families who are more resistant to diseases more than other people


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