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  1. antibody
  2. dehiscence
  3. protective covering
  4. evisceration
  5. nursing
  1. a the service that assists in preventing & giving relief to disease, anxiety, & pain.
  2. b prevent microbes & other substances from entering the body; helps prevent injury to more fragile organs within the body
  3. c special proteins that neutralizes foreign antigens
  4. d to remove an organ or contents of an organ
  5. e rupture or splitting open, as of a surgical wound, or of an organ or structure to discharge its contents.

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  1. natural or inborne resistance against disease includes:
  2. developed independently of any other disease.
  3. a __ disease has a slow progression of symptoms
  4. examples of this disease is AIDS, STDS, Staph, Strep, Flu, Hepatitis
  5. things you can see (ex bruising, edema)

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  1. speciesdryness of the __ is a deterrent to bacteria


  2. acquired immunitybody must be stimulated to produce its own immune response


  3. sub acutesudden; course of a few days


  4. antigen-antibody reaction/immune responseimmune response is designed to attack only the infectious agent or harmful substances within the body


  5. metabolic disordersdiabetes, mellitus, addison syndrome, hyper/hypothyroidism


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