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  1. corridor
  2. buff
  3. link
  4. gulf
  5. etch
  1. a a connecting structure, a single ring or division of a chain. 2. One of the standardized divisions of a surveyor's chain. 3. Something analogous to a link of a chain, a communication system.
  2. b a garment made of buff leather. The state of being nude. A moderate orange yellow.
  3. c a part of an ocean 2. deep chasm abyss 3. whirlpool 4. a wide gap.
  4. d to produce on a hard material by eating into the material's surface (as in by acid or a laser beam.) 2. subject to such etching. 2. to delineate or impress clearly (scenes etched in our mind.)
  5. e a passageway into whick compartments or rooms open. a place or position in which especially political power in welded through discussion or deal-making.

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  1. a fabric or structure of cords ot wires that cross a regular intervals and are knotted or secured at the crossings. 2. a system of lines or channels resembling a network.
  2. easily combustable material for starting a fire.
  3. vertical in position, not to spread out or decumbent. Characterized by firm or rigid straightness in bodily posture
  4. to move in an up and down manner: bounce.
  5. 1. tear down, to break peices to peices; smash. 2. to do away with: destroy: to strip of any pretense of merit or credence.

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  1. chiselthe bed where a natural stream of water runs. The deeper part of the river, harbor or strait. A path through which information flows. 2. long gutter grove ot furrow.


  2. mangleto injure with deep disfiguring wounds by cutting, tearing or crushing. 2. to spoil injure or make cohearent especially through ineptitude.


  3. ragingthe color of tawny. a warm sandy color.


  4. channela metal tool with a sharpened edge at one end used to chip, carve ot cut into a solid material.


  5. coastboldly or brashly self confident 2. jaunty


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