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  1. corridor
  2. mangle
  3. strut
  4. buff
  5. raging
  1. a a passageway into whick compartments or rooms open. a place or position in which especially political power in welded through discussion or deal-making.
  2. b a garment made of buff leather. The state of being nude. A moderate orange yellow.
  3. c causing great pain or distress. violent or wild. Extraordinary, tremendous.
  4. d to become turgid, swell. to walk with a proud gait. .
  5. e to injure with deep disfiguring wounds by cutting, tearing or crushing. 2. to spoil injure or make cohearent especially through ineptitude.

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  1. having many complexly interrelating parts or elements: complicated
  2. the color of tawny. a warm sandy color.
  3. without haste, deliberately.
  4. a fabric or structure of cords ot wires that cross a regular intervals and are knotted or secured at the crossings. 2. a system of lines or channels resembling a network.
  5. vertical in position, not to spread out or decumbent. Characterized by firm or rigid straightness in bodily posture

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  1. coastthe land near a shore, seashore. obsolete, border, frontier.


  2. linka connecting structure, a single ring or division of a chain. 2. One of the standardized divisions of a surveyor's chain. 3. Something analogous to a link of a chain, a communication system.


  3. Rubbleto go at or as if at an amble; saunter


  4. gulfa garment made of buff leather. The state of being nude. A moderate orange yellow.


  5. chiselthe bed where a natural stream of water runs. The deeper part of the river, harbor or strait. A path through which information flows. 2. long gutter grove ot furrow.


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