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  1. irascible
  2. vex
  3. tacit
  4. obsequious
  5. quiescent
  1. a done without using words
  2. b motionless
  3. c overly submissive and eager to please
  4. d to annoy
  5. e easily made angry

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  1. long, harsh speech or verbal attack
  2. one who opposes established beliefs, customs, and institutions
  3. clearly stated or shown; forthright in expression
  4. to increase in number quickly
  5. to perceive; to recognize

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  1. implacableunable to be calmed down or made peaceful


  2. bolsterto support; to prop up


  3. eclecticselecting from or made up from a variety of sources


  4. paradoxa contradiction or dilemma


  5. precipitateto reject the validity of


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