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  1. misanthrope
  2. inchoate
  3. arbitrate
  4. bolster
  5. propitiate
  1. a to conciliate; to appease
  2. b not fully formed; disorganized
  3. c to support; to prop up
  4. d to judge a dispute between two opposing parties
  5. e a person who dislikes others

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  1. to make more bearable
  2. derivation from what is normal
  3. acting excessively enthusiastic; filled with extreme, unquestioned devotion
  4. tending to talk a lot
  5. to lie or deviate from the truth

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  1. aggrandizelearned, scholarly, bookish


  2. naïveto fluctuate between choices


  3. analogousshowing innocence or childlike simplicity


  4. estimableadmirable


  5. irascibleeasily deceived


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