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  1. eclectic
  2. alleviate
  3. abscond
  4. efficacy
  5. metaphor
  1. a selecting from or made up from a variety of sources
  2. b to leave secretly
  3. c to make more bearable
  4. d effectiveness
  5. e a figure of speech comparing two different things; a symbol

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  1. to reduce in amount, degree, or severity
  2. speech in praise of someone
  3. learned, scholarly, bookish
  4. dictatorial in one's opinions
  5. wandering and unpredictable

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  1. cogentsomeone who shows off learning


  2. loquacioustalkative


  3. precipitateto conciliate; to appease


  4. ingenuousharmless


  5. verbosean extremely deep hole


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