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  1. mollify
  2. perfunctory
  3. laud
  4. cacophony
  5. corroborate
  1. a to calm or make less severe
  2. b harsh, jarring noise
  3. c done in a routine way; indifferent
  4. d to provide supporting evidence
  5. e to give praise; to glorify

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  1. to clear from blame; prove innocent
  2. a person who dislikes others
  3. harmless
  4. wandering and unpredictable
  5. filled with truth and accuracy

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  1. fervidexcessively decorated or embellished


  2. convolutedto support; to prop up


  3. adulterateto make impure


  4. antagonizeusing few words


  5. oneroustroublesome and oppressive; burdensome


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