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  1. mollify
  2. erudite
  3. impetuous
  4. rhetoric
  5. ostentation
  1. a quick to act without thinking
  2. b to calm or make less severe
  3. c learned, scholarly, bookish
  4. d excessive slowness
  5. e effective writing or speaking

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  1. fundamentally different; entirely unlike
  2. lacking sophistication or experience
  3. to evade responsibility by pretending to be ill
  4. to make larger; to expand
  5. to copy; to try to equal or excel

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  1. antagonizesimilar or alike in some way; equivalent to


  2. attenuateto make more bearable


  3. guileeasily deceived


  4. enumerateto count, list, or itemize


  5. deferencerespect, courtesy


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