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  1. triple beam balance
  2. meter
  3. volume
  4. graduated cylinder
  5. metric measurement
  1. a a glass or plastic instrument used to measure the volume of liquids
  2. b the basic unit of length in the metric system
  3. c an instrument used to measure mass
  4. d the amount of space an object takes up
  5. e scientists used this cm, g, km, ml

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  1. customary & metric
  2. the basic unit of volume in the metric system
  3. 10 mm = 1 cm
  4. a metric unit of measurement used to measure the width of a pencil
  5. basic unit of mass in the metric system

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  1. milligrama unit of mass in the metric system that equals 1,000 grams


  2. centimetermetric unit of measure that is 1/100th of a meter


  3. cubic centimetercentimeter x centimeter x centimeter


  4. volume - displacement of watermethod of measuring volume of irregularly shaped objects


  5. meniscusthe curved surface of a liquid


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