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  1. acme
  2. moot
  3. awry
  4. crux
  5. purge
  1. a adv. askew; turned away from the correct direction
  2. b adj. something no longer of significance
  3. c v. to purify; clear a person of a charge or sin
  4. d n. central point
  5. e n. highest point of achievement

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  1. v. to swerve; turn away from a direction or course
  2. v. to get something with great effort
  3. v. to distribute/allot
  4. v. to eject or force from a position
  5. adj. dignified/proper

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  1. citev. to quote an authourity


  2. banev. to disable/disfigure


  3. direadj. having horrible consequences


  4. gibev. to make taunting remarks


  5. elitev. to quote an authourity


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