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Pride and Prejudice List 4 Test

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  1. moot
  2. purge
  3. gibe
  4. maim
  5. oust
  1. a adj. something no longer of significance
  2. b v. to disable/disfigure
  3. c v. to purify; clear a person of a charge or sin
  4. d v. to make taunting remarks
  5. e v. to eject or force from a position

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. v. to distribute/allot
  2. adj. having horrible consequences
  3. v. to swerve; turn away from a direction or course
  4. n. highest point of achievement
  5. n. a fake or impostor

5 True/False Questions

  1. dupeadj. having horrible consequences


  2. roiladj. something no longer of significance


  3. banev. to make taunting remarks


  4. eliten. best, most skilled or superior group or member of a group


  5. awryadv. askew; turned away from the correct direction


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