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  1. Third Estate
  2. Gothic
  3. Edward III and Philip VI
  4. First Crusade
  5. Great Schism
  1. a Estate of France that held common people
  2. b Type of church design that developed in the mid-1100's and stood to heaven
  3. c After France's Capetian line died out, these two men both tried to take over the throne
  4. d Date 1096-1099, Crusaders captured Jerusalem from Turks
  5. e The church began to split into different rulers and opposing groups

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  1. Estate of France that held Nobles
  2. War between the York and Lancaster families in 1455
  3. Important family that was not too powerful but used marriage to gain control and power in Europe
  4. Made up the majority of the middle class
  5. Everyday speech that varied but very common

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  1. John WycliffePriest and teacher who attacked church


  2. Jan HusMuslim leader in the 3rd Crusade


  3. Peter AbelardPhilosopher of scholasticism, wrote "Sic et Non"


  4. Freedom, Exemption, Town Justice, Commercial PriveligesEmperor Charles IV of the Holy Roman Empire ruled that these electors would choose the emperor


  5. Louis XIFollowed Charles VII as king of France, helped strengthen monarchy


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