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  1. John Wycliffe
  2. Saladin
  3. Hundred Years War
  4. Scholasticism
  5. Market Economy
  1. a War that erupted when English king Edward III held land in France that made him a vassal to the French King
  2. b Land, Labor, and Capital are all controlled by individual persons
  3. c Muslim leader in the 3rd Crusade
  4. d Priest and teacher who attacked church
  5. e Attempt to bring faith and reason together

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  1. Goods and services exchanged for other goods and services without the use of money
  2. Estate of France that held common people
  3. Important family that was not too powerful but used marriage to gain control and power in Europe
  4. Followed Charles VII as king of France, helped strengthen monarchy
  5. Monk who wrote "Summa Theologiae"

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  1. Hanseatic LeagueDate 1096-1099, Crusaders captured Jerusalem from Turks


  2. Innocent IIIA worker for a master who learns under him


  3. War Of The RosesHelped Charles VII to be crowned king of France, was burned at stake


  4. JourneymanCharging interest on loans, the Church did not allow this practice


  5. Jan HusCriticized church, was excomunicated and killed


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