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  1. Three archbishops and four German Princes
  2. Seljuk Turks
  3. Pope Urban II
  4. Apprentice
  5. Louis XI
  1. a Pope that called for a Christian Crusade against the forces of Islam in 1095 c.e.
  2. b Followed Charles VII as king of France, helped strengthen monarchy
  3. c Emperor Charles IV of the Holy Roman Empire ruled that these electors would choose the emperor
  4. d Muslim people from Central Asia, gained land in Palestine
  5. e A worker for a master who learns under him

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  1. Estate of France that held Nobles
  2. Land, Labor, and Capital are all controlled by individual persons
  3. Spain became a nation in 1479 under these two
  4. Series of military expeditions to regain Holy Land
  5. Criticized church, was excomunicated and killed

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  1. Thomas AquinasMonk who wrote "Summa Theologiae"


  2. Pope Boniface VIIIIn 1302, decreed that popes were the only ones with power which went against Philip IV


  3. Edward III and Philip VIWar between the York and Lancaster families in 1455


  4. Black DeathEstate of France that held clergy


  5. Craft GuildsMerchants and workers began to associate into units


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