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  1. Jan Hus
  2. Vernacular Languages
  3. Hanseatic League
  4. Thomas Aquinas
  5. Third Estate
  1. a Criticized church, was excomunicated and killed
  2. b Estate of France that held common people
  3. c League of trade cities in Germany which helped regulate trade
  4. d Monk who wrote "Summa Theologiae"
  5. e Everyday speech that varied but very common

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  1. Pope that called for a Christian Crusade against the forces of Islam in 1095 c.e.
  2. Important family that was not too powerful but used marriage to gain control and power in Europe
  3. Traveling singers who wrote poems about love and chivalry
  4. In 1302, decreed that popes were the only ones with power which went against Philip IV
  5. Ordered that clergy should pay taxes in France

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  1. War Of The RosesWar between the York and Lancaster families in 1455


  2. Black DeathPlague that spread throughout Europe in 1347-1351


  3. UsuryCharging interest on loans, the Church did not allow this practice


  4. Innocent IIIA worker for a master who learns under him


  5. Seljuk TurksMuslim people from Central Asia, gained land in Palestine


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