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  1. Troubadours
  2. Crusades
  3. Merchant guild
  4. Seljuk Turks
  5. Henry Tudor
  1. a Traveling singers who wrote poems about love and chivalry
  2. b Merchants and workers began to associate into units
  3. c Series of military expeditions to regain Holy Land
  4. d House of Lancaster man who claimed English throne in 1485 and defeated King Richard III
  5. e Muslim people from Central Asia, gained land in Palestine

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  1. Emperor Charles IV of the Holy Roman Empire ruled that these electors would choose the emperor
  2. Goods and services exchanged for other goods and services without the use of money
  3. Strong pope from 1198-1216
  4. Italian poet who wrote The Divine Comedy
  5. Years that popes lived in Avignon during 1309-1377

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  1. Black DeathHelped Charles VII to be crowned king of France, was burned at stake


  2. Craft GuildsSkilled workers came together in these for development of a certain product


  3. ScholasticismAttempt to bring faith and reason together


  4. Freedom, Exemption, Town Justice, Commercial PriveligesThe rights given to townspeople (specific)


  5. First EstateEstate of France that held common people


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