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  1. Merchant guild
  2. Scholasticism
  3. Barter Economy
  4. Henry Tudor
  5. Freedom, Exemption, Town Justice, Commercial Priveliges
  1. a House of Lancaster man who claimed English throne in 1485 and defeated King Richard III
  2. b Goods and services exchanged for other goods and services without the use of money
  3. c Merchants and workers began to associate into units
  4. d Attempt to bring faith and reason together
  5. e The rights given to townspeople (specific)

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  1. Plague that spread throughout Europe in 1347-1351
  2. Wealth that is earned, saved, and invested to make profits
  3. English poet who wrote The Canterbury Tales
  4. Priest and teacher who attacked church
  5. Italian poet who wrote The Divine Comedy

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  1. Vernacular LanguagesSkilled workers came together in these for development of a certain product


  2. Second Crusade1147-1149, Crusaders head back to Europe defeated and ashamed


  3. Jan HusImportant family that was not too powerful but used marriage to gain control and power in Europe


  4. Second EstateEstate of France that held Nobles


  5. Pope Urban IIPope that called for a Christian Crusade against the forces of Islam in 1095 c.e.


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