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  1. foretaste
  2. disrupt
  3. insinuate
  4. vicious
  5. interminable
  1. a v. to break up, disturb
  2. b v. to suggest or hint slyly; to edge into something indirectly
  3. c n. an advance indication, sample, or warning
  4. d adj. endless, so long as to seem endless
  5. e adj. evil, bad; spiteful; having bad habits or an ugly disposition; painfully severe or extreme

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  1. adj. not important, minor; ordinary, commonplace
  2. v. to repair, restore to good condition, make new again
  3. n. a pause in fighting, temporary peace
  4. n. a brief summary; a short written account of one's education, working experience, or qualifications for a job
  5. adj. ordinary, dull, routine, without variation

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  1. barrenadj. not productive, bare


  2. alightn. a pause in fighting, temporary peace


  3. dynastyn. an advance indication, sample, or warning


  4. interrogatev. to ask questions, examine by questioning


  5. sullenadj. silent or brooding because of ill humor, anger, or resentment; slow moving, sluggish


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