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  1. Ancestors
  2. Anatomical
  3. Upright
  4. Big-game
  5. To migrate
  1. a to move from one country or place to live or work in another
  2. b large animals (such as elephants and tigers) that are hunted for sport
  3. c one of the people from whom a person is descended
  4. d positioned to be straight up : vertical
  5. e the parts that form a living thing (such as an animal or plant)

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  1. of, belonging to, or seeming to come from an early time in the very ancient past
  2. the species of human beings that exist today
  3. to seriously or continually try to do (something)
  4. not wild : trained to obey people
  5. a region with particular weather patterns or conditions

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  1. To inventnot wild : trained to obey people


  2. Modernhaving a condition of weakness or illness that usually lasts for a long time and is caused especially by old age


  3. Adaptationthe state or situation that results when type of plant or animal has died out completely


  4. To radiateto move from one country or place to live or work in another


  5. Hominidbipedal primate mammals comprising recent humans together with extinct ancestral and related forms


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