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  1. Big-game
  2. Burial
  3. To tame
  4. Climate
  5. Manufacture
  1. a not wild : trained to obey people
  2. b the act or ceremony of burying a dead person in a grave
  3. c a region with particular weather patterns or conditions
  4. d large animals (such as elephants and tigers) that are hunted for sport
  5. e to make (something) usually in large amounts by using machines

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  1. an unsophisticated person
  2. to create or produce (something useful) for the first time
  3. extremely important and necessary
  4. to go out in a direct line from a central point or area
  5. very great in size, amount, or extent

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  1. Ancestorsto seriously or continually try to do (something)


  2. Uprightpositioned to be straight up : vertical


  3. Infirmof or relating to the current or most recent period


  4. Primitivea region with particular weather patterns or conditions


  5. Dinosaurshaving a condition of weakness or illness that usually lasts for a long time and is caused especially by old age


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