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  1. Big-game
  2. Dinosaurs
  3. Hominid
  4. To invent
  5. Savannas
  1. a large animals (such as elephants and tigers) that are hunted for sport
  2. b a tropical or subtropical grassland, a large flat area of land with grass and very few trees
  3. c bipedal primate mammals comprising recent humans together with extinct ancestral and related forms
  4. d to create or produce (something useful) for the first time
  5. e one of many reptiles that lived on Earth millions of years ago

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  1. of, belonging to, or seeming to come from an early time in the very ancient past
  2. positioned to be straight up : vertical
  3. to go out in a direct line from a central point or area
  4. the parts that form a living thing (such as an animal or plant)
  5. an unsophisticated person

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  1. Evolvevery great in size, amount, or extent


  2. Habitualdone regularly or repeatedly


  3. Scavengeto search for food to eat


  4. Hemispherea half of the Earth


  5. Homo sapiensthe species of human beings that exist today


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