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  1. Void
  2. Mistakes considered material
  3. requirements for duress
  4. what renders a contract void
  5. mutual mistake
  1. a not trivial, reasonable test, threats at financial and business interests
  2. b doesnt exist because of legal nullity
  3. c Error in negotio, error in corpore and error in persona
  4. d mistake
  5. e both parties mistaken but on different facts

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  1. the other party knew or should have known that the mistaken party was indeed mistaken or the non-mistaken party induced the mistake by misrepresentation
  2. Warranty, Statements of opinion and puffs
  3. causal, fraudulent, negligent, innocent, incidental
  4. restutio integrum but if fraudulent/negligent,claim financial damages
  5. type of term in which one party guarantees the truth of a particular statement made

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  1. Case regarding undue influenceinfluence by one party to such a degree that the other party is incapable of forming an independent and rational judgment exists where there is a special relationship


  2. Material mistakeboth parties mistaken but on different facts


  3. duressexaggerated statements usually made by a sales person or a seller, may be express or implied


  4. how does mistake make contract voidcommon+material, uni+material+reasonableness, mutual+material+reasonableness


  5. Innocent misrepmisrepresentor genuinely believes representation to be true but in situation where a reasonable person would NOT first have taken steps to verify accuracy


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