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  1. negative
  2. neutral
  3. Quantitative observations
  4. Pauli Exclusion Principle
  5. 7 14
  1. a a neutron has what charge?
  2. b an electron has what charge?
  3. c ______________________- electrons in the same orbital must have opposite spin
  4. d ______________- always involves a measurement of the property in questoin
  5. e the subshell f has _ orbital(s) with a maximum of _ electrons per sublevel

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  1. give 4 examples of chemical properties
  2. these are properties that are dependent on how much matter is present
  3. ______________- Study of how to determine the exact composition of mixtures and compounds. What is present and what is the exact percent composition.
  4. ___________- elements that exhibit characteristics of both metals and non-metals
  5. Data from multiple measurements is scattered in a more or less uniform way around some average value. Thus equaling out. this is called ______________

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  1. 5 10the subshell f has _ orbital(s) with a maximum of _ electrons per sublevel


  2. chemical, nuclear stability______________- Properties of matter that are observed when atoms are rearranged removed replaced or added to compounds resulting in new compounds with differing physical and chemical properties


  3. ProtonsA particular element is determined by the number of __________ in the nucleus


  4. Bio Chemistry_________________- Study of compounds that have the element carbon as the basic structure


  5. 3There are __ naturally occurring elements


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