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  1. Calorie
  2. down across right left
  3. chemical, nuclear stability
  4. Bio Chemistry
  5. 7 14
  1. a A ______________ is the heat energy needed to raise the temperature of 1g of water to 1degree C
  2. b Isotopes of an element have the same __________ properties but different __________
  3. c the subshell f has _ orbital(s) with a maximum of _ electrons per sublevel
  4. d ______________- Study of the molecules and processes that take place in living organisms
  5. e The atomic radius trend says that atoms tend to get larger and have increased radius when you go ___________ the periodic chart as you go ___________ a period, ___________to ___________

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  1. ______________ is how consistent a measurement is
  2. The 3 perspectives that chemist study matter from are?
  3. who was credited with the cathode ray tube experiment
  4. Who was the scientist that came up with law of definite proportions by mass
  5. Who was credited with the oil drop experiment?

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  1. macroscopicA particular element is determined by the number of __________ in the nucleus


  2. ionic and covalent bondsmass number is the number of _________ +__________


  3. Extensivea proton has what charge?


  4. average atomic mass______________ causes data to be either smaller or larger than the actual value


  5. IsotopesA particular element is determined by the number of __________ in the nucleus


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