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  1. neutral
  2. 5 10
  3. Qualitative observations
  4. Niels Bohr
  5. Dalton
  1. a the subshell d has _ orbital(s) with a maximum of _ electrons per sublevel
  2. b Who explained the bright line of hydrogen using a planetary model?
  3. c Who was the scientist that came up with law of multiple proportions?
  4. d ______________ - a simple description of some property of the substance
  5. e a neutron has what charge?

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  1. Who was credited with the oil drop experiment?
  2. Isotopes of an element have the same __________ properties but different __________
  3. A ______________ is the heat energy needed to raise the temperature of 1g of water to 1degree C
  4. a proton has what charge?
  5. __________ - atoms of the same element that differ in mass due to a different number of neutrons

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  1. metal___________- an element that typically has 4 or more electrons in its outer shell


  2. ProustA particular element is determined by the number of __________ in the nucleus


  3. g med / kg body weightWho explained the bright line of hydrogen using a planetary model?


  4. LavoisierWho was the scientist that defined the law of conservation of mass>


  5. Precision______________ is how consistent a measurement is


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