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  1. Aufbau
  2. a negatively charged ion
  3. a positively charged ion
  4. Quantitative observations
  5. Precision
  1. a ______________- always involves a measurement of the property in questoin
  2. b ______________ is how consistent a measurement is
  3. c what is a cation?
  4. d what is an anion?
  5. e The ___________ principle says that elctrons "build up"by filling the lowest energy level orbitals first

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  1. in an atom, the number of __________ equals the number of __________ so that the atom is electrically __________ overall
  2. Chemists study matter from _ perspectives
  3. ___________- elements that exhibit characteristics of both metals and non-metals
  4. __________ - atoms of the same element that differ in mass due to a different number of neutrons
  5. ___________- electrons fill degenerate orbitals one at a time (with the same spin), before pairing up electrons in the degenerate orbitals

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  1. Pure substances and mixturesmass number is the number of _________ +__________


  2. 1 2the subshell s has _ orbital(s) with a maximum of _ electrons per sublevel


  3. Chemical___________- an element that typically has 4 or more electrons in its outer shell


  4. 3 6the subshell p has _ orbital(s) with a maximum of _ electrons per sublevel


  5. Organic Chemistry______________- Study of the compounds of all other elements besides carbon


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