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  1. a positively charged ion
  2. Pauli Exclusion Principle
  3. Pure substances and mixtures
  4. Random Error
  5. Aufbau
  1. a The ___________ principle says that elctrons "build up"by filling the lowest energy level orbitals first
  2. b Matter can be divided up into what two categories?
  3. c what is a cation?
  4. d Data from multiple measurements is scattered in a more or less uniform way around some average value. Thus equaling out. this is called ______________
  5. e ______________________- electrons in the same orbital must have opposite spin

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  1. ______________- always involves a measurement of the property in questoin
  2. ______________ causes data to be either smaller or larger than the actual value
  3. The first atomic model was based on 3 major ______________ observations
  4. what is an anion?
  5. in an atom, the number of __________ equals the number of __________ so that the atom is electrically __________ overall

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  1. ProtonsA particular element is determined by the number of __________ in the nucleus


  2. 1,000How many elements are there total?


  3. Bio Chemistry______________- Study of the molecules and processes that take place in living organisms


  4. protons neutronsIsotopes differ in the number of __________


  5. Ernest RutherfordWho was credited with the gold foil experiment?


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