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  1. chemical, nuclear stability
  2. Aufbau
  3. Calorie
  4. Thermal energy
  5. Analytical Chemistry
  1. a A ______________ is the heat energy needed to raise the temperature of 1g of water to 1degree C
  2. b ______________- Study of how to determine the exact composition of mixtures and compounds. What is present and what is the exact percent composition.
  3. c Isotopes of an element have the same __________ properties but different __________
  4. d ______________- the total kinetic energy of all particles in a material
  5. e The ___________ principle says that elctrons "build up"by filling the lowest energy level orbitals first

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  1. atoms are most stable when they have 8 electrons
  2. compounds can be broken into what two type of bonds?
  3. 1 cal = _____ J
  4. a neutron has what charge?
  5. Data from multiple measurements is scattered in a more or less uniform way around some average value. Thus equaling out. this is called ______________

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  1. 94Chemists study matter from _ perspectives


  2. a positively charged ionwhat is a cation?


  3. DaltonA particular element is determined by the number of __________ in the nucleus


  4. 118How many elements are there total?


  5. Positive______________ is how consistent a measurement is


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