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  1. protons electrons neutral
  2. 94
  3. nonmetal
  4. Robert Milton
  5. Inorganic Chemistry
  1. a Who was credited with the oil drop experiment?
  2. b ___________- an element that typically has 4 or more electrons in its outer shell
  3. c in an atom, the number of __________ equals the number of __________ so that the atom is electrically __________ overall
  4. d There are __ naturally occurring elements
  5. e ______________- Study of the compounds of all other elements besides carbon

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  1. ______________ - a simple description of some property of the substance
  2. How many elements are there total?
  3. compounds can be broken into what two type of bonds?
  4. ______________ atomic theory is microscopic model to explain macroscopic observations
  5. mixtures can be divided into what two type of categories

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  1. JJ ThompsonWho was the scientist that came up with law of multiple proportions?


  2. Pure substances and mixturesPure substances can be divided into what two categories


  3. 7 14the subshell f has _ orbital(s) with a maximum of _ electrons per sublevel


  4. Hund's Rulea neutron has what charge?


  5. Elements and compoundsPure substances can be divided into what two categories


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