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  1. accuracy
  2. Ernest Rutherford
  3. Physical Chemistry
  4. Chemical properties
  5. ionic and covalent bonds
  1. a ______________- Attempts to develop the theory for why matter behaves the way it does. The application of these theories can be applied to all areas of chemistry
  2. b ______________- Properties of matter that are observed when atoms are rearranged removed replaced or added to compounds resulting in new compounds with differing physical and chemical properties
  3. c compounds can be broken into what two type of bonds?
  4. d Who was credited with the gold foil experiment?
  5. e ______________ is how close to the actual value the measurement is

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  1. these are properties that are dependent on how much matter is present
  2. The first atomic model was based on 3 major ______________ observations
  3. Chemists study matter from _ perspectives
  4. ___________ is an element that typically has less than 4 electrons in its outer shell
  5. Who was the scientist that defined the law of conservation of mass>

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  1. Homogenous and heterogeneousPure substances can be divided into what two categories


  2. Robert MiltonWho was credited with the oil drop experiment?


  3. ProtonsA particular element is determined by the number of __________ in the nucleus


  4. Quantitative observations______________ - a simple description of some property of the substance


  5. Bio Chemistry______________- Study of the molecules and processes that take place in living organisms


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