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  1. "Open Door notes" about this Nation
  2. Years of American Imperialism
  3. Emilio Aguinaldo fought for this countries independence
  4. Losers of Boxer Rebellion
  1. a The Phillipines
  2. b "Fists of Righteous Fury"
  3. c China
  4. d 1890-1920

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  1. Alfred T. Mahan
  2. Imperialism
  3. China
  4. Cuba
  5. Open Door Policy

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  1. Key battle fought in Cuba which helped the U.S. defeatThe Philippines


  2. Agreement ending the Spanish-American WarThe Philippines


  3. Mexican Rebel wanted by Mexican and U.S. GovernmentsPuerto Rico, Cuba, Phillipines, Guam


  4. Leader of the Cuban resistance movement against SpainJose Marti


  5. First fighting in the Spanish-American WarTreaty of Paris


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