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  1. U.S. warship thought to have been bombed by Spain in Havana Harbor
  2. This nation was made an U.S. protectorate by the Platt Amendment
  3. This country did not want the canal going through Panama
  4. Losers of Boxer Rebellion
  5. First fighting in the Spanish-American War
  1. a U.S.S Maine
  2. b The Philippines
  3. c Colombia
  4. d "Fists of Righteous Fury"
  5. e Cuba

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  1. The Phillipines
  2. Panama Canal
  3. Open Door Policy
  4. missionary diplomacy
  5. Dollar diplomacy

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  1. Naval officer who stressed the need for the U.S. to build up its Navy to become world powerOpen Door Policy


  2. Letter that showed Spain thought William McKinley was a weak leaderde Lome Letter


  3. Agreement ending the Spanish-American WarThe Philippines


  4. He led a force of fifteen thousand soldiers in an attempt to capture Pancho VillaTheodore Roosevelt


  5. Supplement to the Monroe Doctrine which held that the U.S was entitled to intervene in Latin American countries toSan Juan Hill


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