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  1. Depakote
  2. Fioricet
  3. Levaquin
  4. Dilantin
  5. Evista
  1. a phenytoin (anticonvulsant/controls conv)
  2. b levofloxacin (fluroquinolone/tx inf sinuses, lower respiratory tract and urinary tract)
  3. c butalbital/APAP/caffeine (analgesic/mig ha)
  4. d divalprox sodium EC (anticonvulsant/seizures/bipolar)
  5. e raloxifene (osteoporosis)

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  1. dopamine (beta blocker/cong heart failure)
  2. sumatriptan (migraine/mig ha)
  3. metformin HCL (biguanides/type 2 diabetes)
  4. triamcinolone acetonide (anti-inflammatory topical/tx skin conditions/rashes)
  5. fluconazole (antifungal/infections)

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  1. Diovanvalsartan (angiotensin II receptor blocker/HBP)


  2. Keflextriamcinolone acetonide (anti-inflammatory topical/tx skin conditions/rashes)


  3. Fosamaxalendronate sodium (osteoporosis/Paget's disease)


  4. Duragesicfentanyl patches (narcotic analgesic/pain)


  5. Floventfluticasone propionate (asthma agent inhaler/whzing/SOB)


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