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  1. The use of oxygen in aerobic metabolism and production of carbon dioxide is referred to as:
  2. _________ refers to training that utilizes various modes of exercise to improve cardio fitness.
  3. Muscle growth from long-term resistance training is primarily due to the increase in the:
  4. The _______ __________ is the calculation of breathing frequency, per minute by the amount of air moved per breath.
  5. The primary concern with exercise at altitude is:
  1. a Pulmonary respiration
  2. b Cross Training
  3. c lower barometric pressure limiting oxygen transfer in the blood
  4. d The size of the muscle fibers
  5. e Cellular Respiration

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  1. intercalated discs
  2. Fish
  3. lower air density
  4. 67%
  5. Electron Transport

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  1. glycolysis can NOT:as exercise increases= stop using fat but shift to carbs; better trained= shifts to right


  2. The velocity of a nerve impulse transmission is primarily determined by:myelination and diameter of the neurons


  3. The _______ are the smallest blood vessels where gas and nutrient exchange occurs.capillaries


  4. Major Risk factors for coronary artery diseases include all of the following except:Stress


  5. The lag in oxygen uptake at the beginning of exercise is termed:To Provide and interface for gas exchange


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