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  1. a RER value of ______ would indicate that fats are the primary fuel source, whereas a value of ______ would indicate that carbs are the primary fuel source.
  2. What does FITT stand for regarding physical activity?
  3. angia pectoris
  4. what information would NOT be used to determine above and below lactate threshold running paces
  5. Specialized nuerons that are found only in the CNS and connect one neuron to another neuron are called _______
  1. a Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type
  2. b .7 , 1
  3. c Chest pain due to ischemia to cardiac tissue
  4. d Blood Pressure
  5. e interneuron

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  1. Distance and Force
  2. 3.5 mlkg-1min-1 (resting metabolism)
  3. The size of the muscle fibers
  4. Cross Training
  5. Stress

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  1. The velocity of a nerve impulse transmission is primarily determined by:myelination and diameter of the neurons


  2. The window of opportunity in which protein should be consumed to improve protein synthesis:is achieved through intercalated discs


  3. RER does not:indicate the number of calories consumed at rest


  4. a MET is defined as a metabolic equivalent and is equal to67%


  5. Compared to the value measured at sea level, when a subject works at the same work rate at 3,000 meters altitude, the heart rate is:Higher


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