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  1. ________ nervous system controls the physiological functions that are unconscious in nature.
  2. Which of the following is a cardiovascular adaptation of training?
  3. in Response to exercise training, the normal lung:
  4. In theory, EPOC period can NOT :
  5. After an electrical impulse crosses the neuromuscular junction is travels down the ________
  1. a autonomic
  2. b increase stroke volume
  3. c does not undergo measurable changes
  4. d T-Tubules
  5. e is characterized by excess oxygen consumption over that seen during activity.

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  1. to conserve electrolytes
  2. 9
  3. 3 ATP
  4. is lower than systemic circulation. which protects the respiratory membrane.
  5. Frank-Starling law of the Heart

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  1. The use of oxygen in aerobic metabolism and production of carbon dioxide is referred to as:myelination and diameter of the neurons


  2. The _______ __________ is the calculation of breathing frequency, per minute by the amount of air moved per breath.Iron


  3. The enzyme which allows ATP -> ADP + Pi +Energy is:ATPase


  4. AcetylcholineNeurotransmitter chemical released at the neuromuscular junction


  5. The velocity of a nerve impulse transmission is primarily determined by:myelination and diameter of the neurons


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