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  1. The _______ are the smallest blood vessels where gas and nutrient exchange occurs.
  2. Three components to the female triad:
  3. what information would NOT be used to determine above and below lactate threshold running paces
  4. The skinfold test estimates body fat by:
  5. Calories per gram of protein
  1. a capillaries
  2. b 4
  3. c measurement of subcutaneous body fat.
  4. d Blood Pressure
  5. e Osteoporosis, Eating Disorder, Menstrual Irregularities

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  1. Stress
  2. 67%
  3. intercalated discs
  4. To Provide and interface for gas exchange
  5. Neurotransmitter chemical released at the neuromuscular junction

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  1. the fact that an increase in end-diastoltic ventricular volume increases the stoke volume of the heart is an illustration of:Increase


  2. Maximal oxygen consumption is typically expressed relative to a persons:Body mass


  3. Specialized nuerons that are found only in the CNS and connect one neuron to another neuron are called _______Carbs


  4. What does FITT stand for regarding physical activity?Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type


  5. Aerobic training does not cause:the decreased number of capillaries supplying each muscle fiber.


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