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  1. The spread of electrical impulse among the muscle fibers of the heart:
  2. one MET is approximately:
  3. In theory, EPOC period can NOT :
  4. which of the following is an adaptation that the body makes to chronic heat stress:
  5. The lag in oxygen uptake at the beginning of exercise is termed:
  1. a is achieved through intercalated discs
  2. b 3.5 mlkg-1min-1 (resting metabolism)
  3. c oxygen deficit
  4. d is characterized by excess oxygen consumption over that seen during activity.
  5. e early onset of sweating

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  1. Iron
  2. Cross Training
  3. 67%
  4. Ratio of Caloric Ingestion versus caloric expenditure
  5. atherscloriosis

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  1. Calories per gram of protein4


  2. Power is:indicate the number of calories consumed at rest


  3. The total ATP production via anaerobic breakdown of glucose is:3 ATP


  4. in Response to exercise training, the normal lung:does not undergo measurable changes


  5. Three components to the female triad:Osteoporosis, Eating Disorder, Menstrual Irregularities


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