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Language arts vocabulary unit 5

acclaim- part(s) of speech

verb and noun

acclaim- definition

approve or praise loudly; enthusiastic approval

acclaim- synonym

applaud, extol, applause

acclaim- antonym

derider, criticize, disapproval, condemnation

bedraggled- part(s) of speech


bedraggled- definition

wet and filthy, as though having been dragged in mud

bedraggled- synonym

disheveled, unkempt

bedraggled- antonym

neat, dapper

cryptic- part(s) of speech


cryptic- definition

having a hidden or secret meaning

cryptic- synonym

mysterious, enigmatic

cryptic- antonym

straightforward, frank

ebb- part(s) of speech

verb and noun

ebb- definition

to flow or fall back, as the tide; a period of decline

ebb- synonym

decline, recede, fade, recession

ebb- antonym

surge, increase, escalate, rise

fanatic- part(s) of speech


fanatic- definition

one who has excess devotion to and enthusiasm for a cause or idea

fanatic- synonym


fanatic- antonym


haphazard- part(s) of speech


haphazard- definition

dependent upon chance, lacking any definite plan

haphazard- synonym


haphazard- antonym


illuminate- part(s) of speech


illuminate- definition

to brighten with light; to make clear, to rid of confusion

illuminate- synonym

light, clarify

illuminate- antonym

darken; dim

legacy- part(s) of speech


legacy- definition

something handed down from ancestors or history

legacy- synonym


main- part(s) of speech


main- definition

to disable or disfigure

main- synonyms

mutilate, wound

maim- antonyms

heal, mend, repair

perceptive- part(s) of speech


perceptive- definition

extremely attentive to sensory input, keen

perceptive- synonyms

discerning, astute, sharp

perceptive- antonyms

obtuse, slow

repudiate- part(s) of speech


repudiate- definition

to reject as untrue

repudiate- synonyms

deny, renounce, refute

repudiate- antonyms

accept, acknowledge

solicitude- part(s) of speech


solicitude- definition

anxiety and concern, concern for the well-being of others

solicitude- synonyms

worry, apprehension, consideration, attentiveness

solicitude- antonyms

comfort, calmness, negligence, disregard, abandonment

taint- part(s) of speech


taint- definition

to corrupt or ruin by contaminating

taint- synonyms

infect, pollute, defile

taint- antonyms

clean, purify

trepidation- part(s) of speech


trepidation- definition

a state of fearful uncertainty, dread

trepidation- synonyms

anxiety, unease

trepidation- antonyms


waif- part(s) of speech


waif- definition

a homeless person, especially an orphaned child

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