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  1. noise
  2. bit
  3. failure
  4. trojan horse
  5. True
  1. a An archive ____ is a file attribute that can be checked or unchecked to indicate whether the file must be archived.
  2. b T/F: When implementing anti-malware software on a network, one of your most important decisions is where to install the software.
  3. c A(n) ____ is a deviation from a specified level of system performance for a given period of time.
  4. d A program that disguises itself as something useful but actually harms your system is called a ____.
  5. e Fluctuation in voltage levels caused by other devices on the network or electromagnetic interference.

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  1. Many bots spread through the ________, a protocol that enables users running IRC client software to communicate instantly with other participants in a chat room on the Internet.
  2. Which RAID offers the best performance.
  3. __________ refers to a collection of disks that provide fault tolerance for shared data and applications.
  4. Refers to how consistently and reliably a file or system can be accessed by authorized personnel.
  5. Which RAID provides redundancy through a process called disk mirroring.

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  1. brownoutA momentary decrease in voltage.


  2. signatureA momentary increase in voltage due to lightning strikes, solar flares, or electrical problems.


  3. optical mediaWhich RAID provides redundancy through a process called disk mirroring.


  4. backupA complete power loss.


  5. polymorphicA place where the computers, devices, and connectivity necessary to rebuild a network exist, but they are not appropriately configured, updated, or connected.


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