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  1. fault
  2. wiring schematic
  3. backleveling
  4. SNMP
  5. web
  1. a ____ management refers to the detection and signaling of device, link, or component faults.
  2. b Part of the TCP/IP suite of protocols and typically runs over UDP on port 161.
  3. c A(n) ____ is a graphical representation of a network's wired infrastructure.
  4. d The process of reverting to a previous version of software after attempting to upgrade it is known as ____.
  5. e The most common type of caching is ____ caching.

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  1. ____ upgrades represent modifications to all or part of an application that are designed to enhance functionality or fix problems related to software.
  2. Changes to ___ applications affect all users at once.
  3. A ____ is a correction, improvement, or enhancement to a particular piece of a software application.
  4. T/F: The first step in configuration management is to take an inventory of each node on the network.
  5. Describes a flaw in a software application that causes some part of the application to malfunction.

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  1. configuration____ management is the collection, storage, and assessment of information related to the versions of software installed on every network device and every device's hardware configuration.


  2. polling____is the local storage of frequently needed files that would otherwise be obtained from an external source.


  3. event logStores results from devices monitoring conditions in UNIX or Linux-based networks.


  4. software routineA ____ is a major change to a software package's existing code.


  5. MIBThe most common type of caching is ____ caching.


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