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  1. Uniformitarianism
  2. Focus
  3. Mechanical Weathering
  4. Crater
  5. Regional Metamorphism
  1. a rim shattered
  2. b breakdown of rock into solid fragments by physical processes
  3. c when rupture commences and an earthquake's energy is 1st released
  4. d extensive area of crust associated w/ plate convergence, collision and subduction
    stress and foliation
  5. e Hutton, processes governing Earth's system today have operated in similar ways in the past, "the present is the key to the past" (fossil record)

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  1. resource that cannot be replenished or regenerated within human lifetime
  2. Temperature, Pressure, pore fluids (add or take away chemicals), stress
  3. middle layer of earth, made out of Olivine
  4. gasses that surround earth
  5. like earth, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars

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  1. Rocksnaturally formed, coherent aggregate of minerals and possibly other non-mineral matter


  2. Van der Waals Bondweak, between neutral molecules


  3. Metallic Bondprocesses by which loose sediment is transformed into sedimentary rock


  4. Filter Pressingcompaction of early cummulates because interstitial liquid to be squeezed upwards


  5. Metamorphismaltered by exposure to high temperature, low pressure or both


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