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  1. Stress
  2. Lithification
  3. Ionic Bond
  4. Hydrosphere
  5. Regolith
  1. a transfer of electrons from one atom to another, packed together
  2. b force acting on surface per unit area w/ direction
    1. Tension: pulling out
    2. Compression: push in
    3. Shear: top and bottom
  3. c processes by which loose sediment is transformed into sedimentary rock
  4. d irregular blanket of loose, noncemented rock particles that covers a planets surface
  5. e water and ice, surface and underground

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  1. how rocks disintegrate, chem and physical breakdown of rock exposed to air, moisture, living organisms
  2. mineralogical, texture, chemical and structural changes that occur in rocks
    result of exposure to elevated temperature/pressure
  3. separation of materials into ions in a solution by a solvent
  4. how the interior of earth responds to earthquake waves
  5. change in shape or volume of rock in response to stress

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  1. Bedding Surfaceprocesses that drive movement and interactions in lithosphere


  2. Deltasedimentary deposit, commonly triangle shaped, that forms where a stream enters a standing body of water


  3. Surface Wavechange in shape or volume of rock in response to stress


  4. Products of Weathering1. Clay: tiny material particles of any kind that have physical properties like those of clay minerals
    2. Sand: sediment made of coarse mineral grains
    3. Soil: mixture of minerals w/ diff grain sizes, along w/ some some materials ob biologic origin
    4. Silt: grain b/w mud and sand


  5. Chemical Weatheringdecomposition of rocks and minerals by chem and biochemical reactions


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