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  1. Mineral
  2. Nonrenewable Resources
  3. Regional Metamorphism
  4. Tectonic Cycle
  5. Uniformitarianism
  1. a processes that drive movement and interactions in lithosphere
  2. b Hutton, processes governing Earth's system today have operated in similar ways in the past, "the present is the key to the past" (fossil record)
  3. c extensive area of crust associated w/ plate convergence, collision and subduction
    stress and foliation
  4. d naturally formed, solid, inorganic substance w/ characteristic crystal structure and a specific chemical composition
  5. e resource that cannot be replenished or regenerated within human lifetime

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  1. movement of water
  2. permanent change in shape or volume, in which material breaks or cracks
  3. mineralogical, texture, chemical and structural changes that occur in rocks
    result of exposure to elevated temperature/pressure
  4. sediment formed from fragmented rock and mineral debris produced by weathering and erosion
  5. tightly packed atoms that share electrons

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  1. Igneous Rocksolid earth, as a whole


  2. Rock Cycleprocesses that form, modify, transport, or break down rock


  3. Lithificationprocesses by which loose sediment is transformed into sedimentary rock


  4. Mantlenaturally formed, coherent aggregate of minerals and possibly other non-mineral matter


  5. Mechanical Weatheringbreakdown of rock into solid fragments by physical processes


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