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  1. Surface Wave
  2. Deposition
  3. Natural Resources
  4. Compaction (Lithification Process)
  5. Concentration (Lithification Process)
  1. a reduction of space in a sediment as a result of weight of overlying sediment
  2. b useful material that is obtained from lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, or biosphere
  3. c substances dissolved in pure water precipitate out and form a matrix in which grains of sediments are joined together
  4. d travels along earth's surface
  5. e laying down of sediment

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  1. processes that drive movement and interactions in lithosphere
  2. first cooling, near or above ground
  3. when minerals precipitate out of hot water solution
  4. outer portions of solar nebula cooled into discs of debris, random collisions formed clumps that pulled in remaining debris through gravity
  5. location where the stock (item) of interest resides for awhile

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  1. Hydrospherewater and ice, surface and underground


  2. Telling Minerals Apartnaturally formed, solid, inorganic substance w/ characteristic crystal structure and a specific chemical composition


  3. Ionic Bondplanar arrangement of textural features in a metamorphic rock


  4. Types of Biogenic Rocks1. Conglomerate: large fragments in a fine grained matrix
    2. Sandstone
    3. Mudstone/Shale


  5. Ore Depositslocalized concentration can be extracted profitably


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