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  1. Scientific Method
  2. Sediment
  3. Types of Biogenic Rocks
  4. Ionic Bond
  5. Core
  1. a 1. Limestone
    2. Peat
    3. Coal
  2. b way a scientist approaches a problem, 5 steps:
    1. Problem or Experiment
    2. Hypothesis
    3. Test Hypothesis
    4. Multiple Tests to Support Hypothesis
    5. Hypothesis Becomes Theory
    if hypothesis doesn't work, discard or reformulate
  3. c formed from fragmented and mineral debris, produced by weathering and erosion
  4. d transfer of electrons from one atom to another, packed together
  5. e intermost layer

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  1. sediment formed from fragmented rock and mineral debris produced by weathering and erosion
  2. process moving stock in or out
  3. slope failure or landslide, downslope movement of regolith and/or bedrock masses due to gravity
  4. solid earth, as a whole
  5. boundary inside earth where velocities of seismic waves change abruptly

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  1. 3 Groups of Igneous Rocks1. Limestone
    2. Peat
    3. Coal


  2. Rocksnaturally formed, coherent aggregate of minerals and possibly other non-mineral matter


  3. Rock Cycleprocesses that form, modify, transport, or break down rock


  4. Natural Resourcesuseful material that is obtained from lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, or biosphere


  5. What makes earth unique?decomposition of rocks and minerals by chem and biochemical reactions


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