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  1. Uniformitarianism
  2. Metallic Bond
  3. Regional Metamorphism
  4. Scientific Method
  5. Types of Clastic Rocks
  1. a tightly packed atoms that share electrons
  2. b extensive area of crust associated w/ plate convergence, collision and subduction
    stress and foliation
  3. c Hutton, processes governing Earth's system today have operated in similar ways in the past, "the present is the key to the past" (fossil record)
  4. d 1. Conglomerate: large fragments in a fine grained matrix
    2. Sandstone
    3. Mudstone/Shale
  5. e way a scientist approaches a problem, 5 steps:
    1. Problem or Experiment
    2. Hypothesis
    3. Test Hypothesis
    4. Multiple Tests to Support Hypothesis
    5. Hypothesis Becomes Theory
    if hypothesis doesn't work, discard or reformulate

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  1. form by cooling and solidification of molten rock (magma)
  2. Temperature, Pressure, pore fluids (add or take away chemicals), stress
  3. how rocks disintegrate, chem and physical breakdown of rock exposed to air, moisture, living organisms
  4. altered by exposure to high temperature, low pressure or both
  5. processes that drive movement and interactions in lithosphere

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  1. Earth Systems Scienceslope failure or landslide, downslope movement of regolith and/or bedrock masses due to gravity


  2. Reservoirlocation where the stock (item) of interest resides for awhile


  3. Mineraldisturbs earth's surface, damage to environment


  4. Gypsumcrystal used for drywall


  5. Mechanical Weatheringdecomposition of rocks and minerals by chem and biochemical reactions


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