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  1. Mantle
  2. Seismic Data
  3. Ionic Bond
  4. Crust
  5. Scientific Method
  1. a outermost compositional layer
  2. b how the interior of earth responds to earthquake waves
  3. c transfer of electrons from one atom to another, packed together
  4. d way a scientist approaches a problem, 5 steps:
    1. Problem or Experiment
    2. Hypothesis
    3. Test Hypothesis
    4. Multiple Tests to Support Hypothesis
    5. Hypothesis Becomes Theory
    if hypothesis doesn't work, discard or reformulate
  5. e middle layer of earth, made out of Olivine

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  1. first cooling, near or above ground
  2. force acting on surface per unit area w/ direction
    1. Tension: pulling out
    2. Compression: push in
    3. Shear: top and bottom
  3. movement of water
  4. mineralogical, texture, chemical and structural changes that occur in rocks
    result of exposure to elevated temperature/pressure
  5. temporary change in shape or volume from which a material rebounds after stress is removed

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  1. Silicate Mineralsstrongly bonded, complex anion that contains both silicon and oxygen


  2. Planetary Accretionlayering of terrestrial planets based on chemical composition


  3. Weatheringhow rocks disintegrate, chem and physical breakdown of rock exposed to air, moisture, living organisms


  4. Biogenic Sedimentsediment primarily composed of plant/animal remains


  5. Rocksnaturally formed, coherent aggregate of minerals and possibly other non-mineral matter


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