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  1. Psusennes I, or Pasibkhanu or Hor-Pasebakhaenniut I
  2. Sarcophagus' consisted of
  3. Served a purpose similar to spirit traps
  4. Had Ptolemy XV Caesar (Caesarion) murdered
  5. The burial mask of King Tut consisted of..
  1. a Sculptural ka portraits
  2. b Octavion
  3. c 3 coffins, 4 shrines, and the mummy
  4. d The Silver Pharoah: was the third pharaoh of the 21st dynasty of Egypt
  5. e inlaid with blue glass and semi precious stones

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  1. one who writes official documents
  2. Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt
  3. committed suicide
  4. Akhenaton
  5. Akhenaton

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  1. The Great Sphinx, Gizalion's body and human head


  2. Hatshepsut's biggest trading expedition of her careerOctavion


  3. Male and female colors on Egyptian statuesMark Antony and Cleopatra


  4. Akhenaton's queenUnification of Upper and Lower Egypt


  5. Discovered Psusennes I intact tomb in Tanis in 1940Professor Pierre Montet


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