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  1. Amount of tombs in the Valley of the Kings
  2. Moved the capital to the south
  3. Sarcophagus' consisted of
  4. The Great Sphinx, Giza
  5. Thutmose III
  1. a 63 tombs
  2. b the largest monolithic statue in the world/oldest known monumental sculpture
  3. c Akhenaton
  4. d Head of the Egyptian army under Hatshepsut's rule
  5. e 3 coffins, 4 shrines, and the mummy

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  1. Howard Carter and George Herbert in 1922
  2. sarcophagus
  3. Cleopatra VII
  4. 5 boat pits
  5. Queen Nefertiti

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  1. An Egyptian king's organs are put in..Queen Nefertiti


  2. How long it takes to mummify and prepare the bodycommitted suicide


  3. Had Ptolemy XV Caesar (Caesarion) murderedan albaster sarcophagus


  4. Both sides of palettes carved in raised..reliefs


  5. Palettes were typically used forgrinding cosmetics


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