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  1. King Narmer's request
  2. The earliest hieroglyphic inscriptions
  3. Done to indicate an Egyptian royal family member
  4. Introduced belief in one god called Aton
  5. Thutmose III
  1. a Palette of Narmer, from Hierakonpolis
  2. b Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt
  3. c Head of the Egyptian army under Hatshepsut's rule
  4. d binding of babies' heads to produce an oblong shape
  5. e Akhenaton

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  1. Deir el-Bahri
  2. Sculptural ka portraits
  3. grinding cosmetics
  4. due to iconoclasm
  5. sarcophagus

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  1. How long it takes to mummify and prepare the bodycommitted suicide


  2. Roman senate waged war againstAugustus Octavian


  3. Sphinxone who writes official documents


  4. The Last of the Macedonian rulers of Egyptjourney up the darkened causeway


  5. The only Ptolemaic ruler to learn to speak EgyptianCleopatra


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