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  1. N1
  2. Implantation Metastasis
  3. Malignant capsule?
  4. H. Pylori
  5. Benign spreading?
  1. a not encapsulated
  2. b Does not metastasize, low mitotic index
  3. c mobile nodes involved
  4. d seeding from dropping cells in removal of tumor
  5. e decreases stomach acid causing irritation to increase inflammation

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  1. nonselective cytotoxic drug that targets rapidly reproducing cells
  2. Breast free of tumor
  3. metastasized to distant sites
  4. Well defined capsule
  5. protective caps on each chromosome

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  1. Physical Activitydecrease, insulin, obesity, inflammation, free radicals, gut motility


  2. Benign grows..slowly, not invasive


  3. T1mobile nodes involved


  4. Growth factor receptorsIncrease with cancer


  5. Tumor markersprotective caps on each chromosome


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