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  1. Physical Activity
  2. Stage 1
  3. care taker genes
  4. N1
  5. protein kinases
  1. a (decrease) involved in repairing damaged DNA
  2. b decrease, insulin, obesity, inflammation, free radicals, gut motility
  3. c cancer is confined to organ of origin
  4. d drives the cell cycle (increases)
  5. e mobile nodes involved

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  1. metastasized to distant sites
  2. not encapsulated
  3. (B)tumor in cartilage tissue
  4. sever form of malnutrition (80% of pts at death)
    Cancer needs more energy so it takes it from your body
  5. Breast free of tumor

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  1. Chemotherapynonselective cytotoxic drug that targets rapidly reproducing cells


  2. Tumor markersprotective caps on each chromosome


  3. Malignant spreading?rapidly, invasive


  4. T1Breast free of tumor


  5. Xenobioticstoxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic chemicals in food EX burnt meat and moldy food


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