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  1. Growth factor receptors
  2. T1
  3. N1
  4. Benign capsule?
  5. stem cells
  1. a mobile nodes involved
  2. b Well defined capsule
  3. c Increase with cancer
  4. d lesion <2cm
  5. e Multipotent

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  1. Loss of cellular differentiation
  2. eradicate cancer w/o excess toxin but increases inflammation
  3. basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma.. produces skin inflammation and free radicals
  4. Biologic response modifiers (immunotherapy)
  5. cancer is confined to organ of origin

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  1. Mutation of tumor suppressor geneallows unregulated cellular growth


  2. Occupational HazardsMultiple required before cancer develops


  3. rastumor suppressor that's decreased


  4. Tumor markerssubs. produced by cancer cells or that are found on plasma membrane , in the blood, CSF for urine :hormones, enzymes,genes,antigens, antibodies


  5. Alcoholirritant to cause inflammation


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