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  1. Malignant grows...
  2. Clinical Manifestations
  3. Stage 1
  4. p53 gene
  5. Chromosome mutations
  1. a causes apoptosis in all cells "suicide gene"
  2. b Pain, Fatigue, cachexia, anemia, leukopenia,paraneoplastic syndrome
  3. c rapidly, invasive
  4. d piece on one chromosome is transferred to another
  5. e cancer is confined to organ of origin

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  1. Biologic response modifiers (immunotherapy)
  2. releases ROS, free radicals
  3. (B)tumor in uterine tissue
  4. eradicate cancer w/o excess toxin but increases inflammation
  5. Multiple required before cancer develops

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  1. Physical Activitydecrease, insulin, obesity, inflammation, free radicals, gut motility


  2. Chemotherapy compartment 1Cells undergoing mitosis and cytokinesis


  3. Tumor markerssubs. produced by cancer cells or that are found on plasma membrane , in the blood, CSF for urine :hormones, enzymes,genes,antigens, antibodies


  4. Cancer Causing Mutationsaging and increased growth rate/ decreased apoptosis


  5. AnaplasiaLoss of cellular differentiation


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