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  1. Stage 2
  2. Autocrine Stimulation
  3. Implantation Metastasis
  4. Malignant grows...
  5. Growth factor receptors
  1. a rapidly, invasive
  2. b secretion of growth factors/stimulate own growth
  3. c seeding from dropping cells in removal of tumor
  4. d Increase with cancer
  5. e locally invasive

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  1. ezyme stimulating more rapid growth(proto-oncogene)
  2. decreases stomach acid causing irritation to increase inflammation
  3. first capillary bed encountered by circulating cells
  4. direct invasion of contiguous organs
  5. piece on one chromosome is transferred to another

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  1. Anemiacaused by chemotherapy


  2. BRMBreast free of tumor


  3. Benign capsule?slowly, not invasive


  4. Mutationsslippery cells, release lytic enzymes, increase cell multiplication


  5. Somatic cell mutationnot passed to progeny


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