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  1. Xenobiotics
  2. Benign capsule?
  3. Gene Amplification
  4. Chromosome mutations
  5. BRM
  1. a Biologic response modifiers (immunotherapy)
  2. b toxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic chemicals in food EX burnt meat and moldy food
  3. c Well defined capsule
  4. d piece on one chromosome is transferred to another
  5. e Dup. piece of chromosome. increased expression of oncogene

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  1. metastasized to distant sites
  2. passed to future generations
  3. releases ROS, free radicals
  4. change in one/few nucleotide base pairs
  5. slippery cells, release lytic enzymes, increase cell multiplication

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  1. Malignant grows...rapidly, invasive


  2. MutationsMultiple required before cancer develops


  3. N1mobile nodes involved


  4. Alcoholirritant to cause inflammation


  5. Benign grows..Does not metastasize, low mitotic index


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