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  1. Gene Amplification
  2. Radiation
  3. Xenobiotics
  4. Cancer Causing Mutations
  5. Malignant spreading?
  1. a Dup. piece of chromosome. increased expression of oncogene
  2. b toxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic chemicals in food EX burnt meat and moldy food
  3. c eradicate cancer w/o excess toxin but increases inflammation
  4. d aging and increased growth rate/ decreased apoptosis
  5. e metastasis, high mitotic index

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  1. tumor suppressor that's decreased
  2. lesion 2-5cm
  3. Malignant connective tissue tumors
  4. Breast free of tumor
  5. (B)tumor in fat tissue

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  1. Mutationseradicate cancer w/o excess toxin but increases inflammation


  2. Nmobile nodes involved


  3. protein kinasesdeleted by cancer/ holds together telomeres


  4. Organ tropismpreferred growth of cancerous cells on certain secondary organ


  5. care taker genespassed to future generations


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